What Are the Best Tips for Using Bright Eyeshadow?

Kristeen Moore

Bright eyeshadow is made up of different shades of colors that come in various textures. This class of eyeshadow is a popular summer favorite, but users need to know the right techniques to avoid looking too made-up. Aside from placing more than one color on the lid, bright eyeshadow needs to be put on a certain way for the best look. The shape of a person’s eyes can also play a role in how to wear eyeshadow.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

These shades of eyeshadow are often sold in single colors, which can give consumers the impression that they should just use one shade on the lid. It is generally best to pick one bright color and one or two softer colors to complement it. For example, a bright violet can be complemented with a softer shade of pink. Colors can be blended with a neutral eyeshadow if the bright shadow turns too harsh.

It is usually best to start with the darkest color chosen. Place this color on the lower lid for the most dramatic look. The lightest color chosen should be used near the brow bone. If a third color was chosen, apply the shade in between the two other shades and blend.

Shiny eyeshadow generally offers a richer color than powder and creamy eyeshadow. For this reason, it is important that users are conservative with glittery shadows. When applying, try using a small amount to start and add more to the lid if more color is desired, as it can be more difficult to remove if mistakes are made.

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Different types of bright eyeshadows are applied to the eyes with certain tools. Powder shadows can be applied with a brush or a disposable applicator, while cream shadows are best applied with the fingers, as the product can stick on to brushes and applicators. Matte eyeshadows can be applied with either a brush or the fingers, depending on the desired look. Brushes tend to reduce the color intensity of matte eyeshadows.

Before applying any bright eyeshadow, it is important to consider how to keep it in place. These types of shadows are the most popular during hot and humid weather, which can disrupt anyone’s makeup. Prior to using eyeshadow, use a primer all over the eyelid so that the shadow has something to stick to. Finish up with face powder after applying makeup, except when using cream shadows.

The shape of a person’s eyes can dictate which colors to use. Glitter eyeshadow is usually the most appropriate for small eyes, while almost any color shadow can be used for large eyes. The brightest eyeshadow shades do not seem to work well with mature eyes or on people with more narrow-shaped eyes. When in doubt, visit a makeup counter to play with a different variety of bright shades.

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