How Do I Choose the Best Cream Eyeshadow?

Madeleine A.

When choosing the best cream eyeshadow, consider the color of your eyes, texture of your skin and personal preferences. Typically, cream eyeshadow is worn to highlight or bring out the colors of the eyes, and care should be taken to make sure that the eyeshadow does not make the eyes appear smaller. The texture of the eyelids can also be a factor when choosing a cream eyeshadow.

Neutral shades are common for brown eyes.
Neutral shades are common for brown eyes.

Eyelids that are prone to oiliness may cause cream eyeshadow to fade or easily rub off. When this occurs, an eyeshadow primer can be applied under the cream eyeshadow to help the makeup adhere better and to maintain the vividness of the color. In addition, people who have pronounced wrinkling of the eyelids should refrain for shimmery cream eyeshadows, as these can accentuate wrinkles.

People who have brown or black eyes might be comfortable wearing neutral shades of cream eyeshadow. In addition, dark eyeshadow colors, such as brown or charcoal, may look great on those with dark-colored eyes. Conversely, people who have light-colored eyes may look good in pastel colors, such as light pink, blue, or green. Unless being used in a theatrical setting, garish or loud eyeshadow should be reserved for very rare occasions, if worn at all.

Typically, when contemplating wearing cream eyeshadow for an evening event, choose a dark, dramatic color. If, however, you will be wearing the eyeshadow for a daytime affair or to work, a lighter color may be more appropriate. Very dark eyeshadow, whether cream or powder based, is usually inappropriate for daytime wear and should be reserved for special occasions or evening wear.

Waterproof cream eyeshadow may be the choice for people with very oily eyelids. Although a waterproof product may not guarantee that the makeup will not crease or slip off, it will last longer and the color will stay truer. A waterproof cream eye shadow can also be applied to the under eye area to conceal dark circles. These products typically are available in various skin toned colors and are very effective in disguising dark circles and imperfections.

Pricing may also be a factor when choosing an eyeshadow, though these products are generally inexpensive. Eyeshadow can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores, big box stores, and cosmetic counters at department stores. They can also be purchased online, where many online cosmetic retailers will even send free samples of other cosmetics or fragrances with the order.

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