What Are the Best Tips for Selling Clothes Online?

Nicole Etolen

Selling clothes online can be a good way to supplement income, but it is also a little more challenging than selling other types of goods. The best tips include writing accurate descriptions and including plenty of photos in the listing. Other tips include comparing prices of similar items to determine a fair and reasonable cost per item and deciding on the best place to list the clothing for sale.

Clothes being sold online should have accurate descriptions.
Clothes being sold online should have accurate descriptions.

Clothing sizes differ depending on the manufacturer. For example, a large shirt in one style may be smaller than a medium in another. One of the most challenging aspects of selling clothes online is portraying the size of the item as accurately as possible so customers are not disappointed when the item arrives and does not fit.

An accurate description of the item is also important when selling clothes online. Any tears, stains, or other flaws, no matter how small, should be noted up front. It is also important to describe the condition of the item.

Setting a fair and reasonable price for an item is another major aspect of selling clothes online. It may be helpful to compare the item to other successful transactions of the same item to determine the best cost. The price should be set between the highest and lowest amount. This ensures that the seller still gets a fair price and the buyer gets a good deal. Pricing it too low can be just as detrimental as pricing it too high, as customers may assume there is something wrong with the item if it is significantly less expensive than the typical price range for that item.

After writing up a listing and determining the best price, sellers need to determine the best place for selling clothes online. Auction sites are widely popular and allow sellers to set a minimum price while also allowing for the potential to make more than that minimum. Sites that allow sellers to list items locally are good for those who do not want to ship the clothing, as they can designate the items “pickup only.” When deciding on the best site, it is important to factor in any fees that are collected by the site as well as taxes, shipping costs, and packaging materials.

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@ocelot60- It is also important to make sure that the photos you take of the clothing you are selling correctly depict the colors. Often, colors look different in photos and online. If you can't match the colors exactly in your photos, make sure that you explain the actual colors in your item descriptions.


Another important tip for selling clothing online is to make sure you include the correct measurements along with the size of each clothing item you sell. Since sizes vary so much, actual measurements will help potential customers determine if the clothing will fit.

For example, a shirt that is a size 8 may not have the same sleeve length as another shirt of the same size. In turn, different customers who are size 8 may require different arm lengths in their sleeves. If you include the measurements of the sleeves along with the size of the shirt, your customers will be able to determine if it will fit. This rule of thumb should be followed with any type of clothing you try to sell to avoid returns and unhappy customers.

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