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What Are the Best Tips for Researching Career Opportunities?

N. Farley
N. Farley

People researching career opportunities can find information through methods such as networking, online job websites, newspapers, trade publications, internships and job fairs. Many job applicants use a variety of resources as they search for new career opportunities, as doing so can expose them to a wider range of positions. Career experts typically recommend that job-seekers spend time looking for jobs, honing their resumes and developing their skills. Workers are also often advised to thoroughly research potential positions and careers before accepting new jobs.

As applicants look for new career opportunities, they can begin by reaching out to other people in their professional and personal networks. Many people are able to find jobs through these types of connections, as an acquaintance might know of an open position at his or her company or a hiring competitor. Online job websites, newspapers and trade publications also regularly publish lists of open positions and requests for applications. Workers can also contact companies directly to find out if they are hiring.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Internships and volunteer positions can also lead to new career opportunities. Some people specifically apply for entry-level positions as a way to meet people in their industries or to gain experience for their resumes. Though a worker may end up in a low-paying position, he or she can often develop knowledge and skills that will be helpful in finding career jobs later on. Job fairs are another popular way to find out about career opportunities, as there are representatives for multiple companies gathered in one place. When attending a job fair, applicants should typically dress professionally, bring copies of a current resume and be prepared to discuss career goals.

In addition to looking for career opportunities, people can spend time improving their qualifications and preparing their resumes. Some companies look for workers with both experience and education, while others seek individuals who stand out from the other applicants in the field. Developing new skills through professional experience or courses can help workers to find new career opportunities that they otherwise might not have been eligible for.

Whether an individual is looking for a new position or hoping to enter a new industry, he or she generally should research available career opportunities before making a decision. Factors such as earnings, work duties, job location and responsibilities can all have an impact on an individual's job satisfaction. If a person thinks that he or she has found a promising career opportunity, it is often helpful to discuss the position with someone else who works in the industry for more information.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing