What Are the Best Tips for Preparing Boneless Sirloin Steak?

Christina Edwards

Boneless sirloin steak is a cut of beef from the back of the cow, and choosing the right steak is just as important as cooking it correctly. Before cooking, the steak should be thawed, if necessary, and brought to room temperature. Steaks can also be seasoned prior to cooking, which can be done in a pan or oven, as well as on a grill. Most culinary experts agree that a boneless sirloin steak should be cooked to medium rare or medium doneness, and this can usually be determined by pressing on the meat.

A grilled boneless sirloin steak.
A grilled boneless sirloin steak.

Sirloin cuts of beef are typically cut from the back of a cow, more specifically from the area behind the ribs. It is often considered very flavorful, but not as tender as some other cuts of beef. Tenderloin cuts are generally more tender, for instance, while chuck steaks are usually tougher than sirloin.

Meat should be thawed without getting too warm so harmful bacteria does not grow.
Meat should be thawed without getting too warm so harmful bacteria does not grow.

Choosing a good boneless sirloin steak is important. Steaks should be a bright red or dark pink and they should also have some marbling, or strips of fat, running through them. Also, steaks that are at least 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) thick are generally preferred, since thinner steaks have a tendency to become dry as they cook.

If a boneless sirloin steak is frozen, it should be removed from the freezer and allowed to thaw before cooking. Placing a steak in a refrigerator is generally considered the safest way to thaw a steak. The cold temperature helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Boneless sirloin steak can also be seasoned prior to cooking. A dry rub of herbs and spices, such as garlic or parsley, can be applied to the surface of the meat. Marinades can also add flavor to the meat and possibly make it more tender. Culinary experts typically advise against using salt to season a steak before cooking, since this can draw moisture out of the steak, resulting in dry meat.

A boneless sirloin steak should also be allowed to reach room temperature before cooking. To do this, the steak can be removed from the refrigerator roughly 30 to 60 minutes prior to cooking. Room-temperature meat will cook evenly. Steaks should also be patted dry before cooking them.

Cooks can use a few methods to cook a boneless sirloin steak. Placing a steak on a hot grill is one of the most popular ways to cook steak. A steak can also be cooked by placing it in a hot pan or under a broiler.

Most experts recommend cooking a boneless sirloin steak until it is medium rare or medium, for the juiciest and tenderest results. Steaks that are cooked until they are medium rare typically have a red or dark pink center, and steaks that are cooked until they are medium will have a pink center. Overcooked steak, sometimes referred to as well done steak, will often end up being tough and dry.

Testing the doneness of a steak can be done by gently pressing on the center. Medium rare steak should feel like the fleshy part of a palm, just under the thumb, when the thumb and middle finger are touched together. It should give slightly under the pressure, and some blood may seep out. Medium steak will feel like the fleshy part of the palm when the thumb and ring finger are pressed together.

It is also usually recommended to remove a boneless sirloin steak from the preferred cooking apparatus just before the desired doneness, since the steak will continue to cook a bit after it is removed. The steak should then be covered and allowed to set for an additional five to ten minutes prior to serving. This will allow the juices to return to the center of the meat.

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