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How Do I Choose the Best Sirloin Steak Marinade?

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Chefs choose the best sirloin steak marinade by looking at the mixture of flavors in the marinade, the inclusion of an acidic ingredient, the use of fresh ingredients, and common complements to sirloin steak. Many marinade recipes include ingredients such as parsley and Worcester sauce which complement sirloin steak. The use of acidic ingredients is important because it makes the steak tenderer. Fresh ingredients impart more flavor than dried ingredients and should be used where possible. Chefs can also look at the specific mixture of flavors and choose combinations that suit their palate.

The use of fresh ingredients is one of the most important factors when choosing a sirloin steak marinade. Fresh vegetables like onions and garlic infuse more flavors into the meat than dried or instant versions. Herbs should also be used fresh when possible. Chefs can use a recipe which includes dried ingredients and substitute fresh ones in their place. Fresh ingredients are more labor-intensive to prepare, but most chefs believe the additional effort is worthwhile.

Marinade is a matter of taste, but ponzu sauce is a tangy choice.
Marinade is a matter of taste, but ponzu sauce is a tangy choice.

An acidic ingredient should always be included in a sirloin steak marinade. This is because the acids break down the muscle fibers within the meat and make them softer to eat. Chefs refer to this softness as tenderness, and most diners prefer tender meat. Vinegars are the most common acidic ingredients included in marinades, but lemon or lime juice can also work.

Chefs should consider the specific mixture of flavors within the marinade when choosing a sirloin steak marinade. Some guests may not like to combine sweet and savory flavors within the same dish, for example. These guests likely would not enjoy meat marinated with honey, which is a common addition to marinades for sirloin steak. Likewise, some guests may not like soy sauce, which is often included in marinade recipes. The chef should look at the mixture of herbs and seasonings used in the marinade to ensure it suits his or her guests’ tastes.

Using ingredients that are commonly served alongside sirloin steaks can help chefs choose the best steak marinade. For example, Worcester sauce is included in many different marinades for sirloin steak. Parsley is a common herb. Salt and pepper should almost always be included in the marinade, along with garlic and onion. Chefs should look at numerous recipes for sirloin steak marinade to determine which ingredients are most suitable.

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    • Marinade is a matter of taste, but ponzu sauce is a tangy choice.
      By: Arnold Gatilao
      Marinade is a matter of taste, but ponzu sauce is a tangy choice.