What are the Best Tips for Planting Rose Bushes?

K. Gierok

Roses are beautiful plants that not only give off a great scent, but also are a joy to look at. In order to achieve great results when planting roses, it is important to keep some basic tips in mind. First, planters should choose an area that boasts full sun and has well draining soil. In addition, the soil that roses are planted in should be rich in organic material and bone meal. Finally, roses should be planted according to climate requirements and watered appropriately.

A red rose.
A red rose.

One of the most important tips to follow when it comes to planting rose bushes is to find the right location for the flowers. Typically, roses do best when they are placed in soil that is well draining. In addition, roses need at least five hours of sunlight each day in order to thrive. As with some other flowers, however, the more sunlight that the roses get, the better they will fare. A yard or garden should be carefully evaluated in order to find the perfect place for the roses before any planting is done.

A yellow rose.
A yellow rose.

Another tip when it comes to planting rose bushes is to make sure that the roses are planted in soil that contains the right nutrients. Roses typically fare well when planted in a compound composed of approximately 50% soil and 50% organic matter and bone meal. Soils that contain high amounts of heavy clay, however, will require substantially more organic matter, and light, sandy soils may need substantially less organic matter that the ratio described above.

Next, it is important to pay attention to the climate in which the roses are being planted. While roses can grow and even thrive in a number of different climates, there are certain precautions that need to be taken, depending on the location. Roses that are planted in an area whose winter temperatures do not rise fall below 0° Fahrenheit (-18° C) should be planted with their crown at ground level. In contrast, roses that are planted in colder climates whose winter temperatures do fall below 0° Fahrenheit (-18° C) should be planted with their crown one to two inches below the ground level.

Newly planted roses should receive plenty of water. Typically, they do best when watered at least twice per week. As a rose's roots like water and their leaves don't, they are often watered with a ground hose. Spreading mulch over roses that have recently been watered is a great technique to keep the soil moist and the roses happy.

A bouquet of roses.
A bouquet of roses.

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