What Are the Best Tips for Opening a Real Estate Law Practice?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
Real estate documents.
Real estate documents.

In order to start a real estate law practice, one must first become a licensed attorney in his or her area. This is usually followed by a period of internship or a few years of working in an attorney's office. Once a young lawyer is ready to begin his or her own practice, it is also important to check with all local licensing and business offices to ensure that he or she is eligible to begin practicing.

The purpose of a real estate law practice is to help individuals with various aspects of buying or selling real estate. This can include checking a seller's ability to sell a piece of land or a building, as well as coordinating transactions so that they go more smoothly between both parties. Real estate attorneys may also work for mortgage companies to ensure that there are no preexisting liens or judgments against a property someone is taking out a loan to buy.

To specialize in a specific type of law, it is often a good idea to intern for an experienced lawyer in order to learn the ropes and get a better idea of how to handle certain cases. This is true for those who wish to start a real estate law practice as well. Upon graduating from law school, it is may be a good idea to work for several years in a real estate law office in order to gain experience in working with these types of clients and cases.

After one has gotten all the experience necessary, the next step in starting a real estate law practice is to obtain any necessary business licensing or other needed credentials in one's area. This may vary based on location. Once this is done, in order to get new clients, one may network with local real estate agents. Additional marketing efforts may also be made through print ads, radio, or TV commercials.

Attorneys looking to start a real estate law practice may gain more clients by expanding their knowledge and service base. For instance, some lawyers do not handle lawsuits or title actions in the event that a property has liens or judgments against it following a title search. Attorneys who offer searches, litigation, and other services may land more work since clients typically enjoy handling all matters in one location. Lawyers may also get more work by partnering with specific realtors in their area.

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    • Real estate documents.
      By: monamakela.com
      Real estate documents.