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What Are the Best Tips for Medical Job Placement?

J. Beam
J. Beam

The health care field is a rapidly changing field with an abundance of employment opportunities for those with the proper education and training. Medical job placement through staffing agencies, health care recruiters, and even universities has seen significant expansion as the job market in the medical field expands. Health care workers looking for employment have several options to explore beginning during training and education and culminating in post-graduation job searches.

For those with the adequate training and education, medical job placement services can be obtained through health care recruiting agencies and staffing agencies. Some companies specialize in providing temporary staffing to hospitals and other health care facilities that find themselves temporarily short-staffed, while other agencies actually recruit for permanent positions on behalf of health care facility administrators. Additional medical job placement assistance may be found through certain participating colleges, government offices and health care provider networks.

Doctor taking notes
Doctor taking notes

Students training for a career in the health care field may also find it advantageous to research medical job placement services through facilities where they have performed work for clinical hours or internships. Many areas of health care require students to obtain clinical hours or internships during their course of study. This scenario includes several areas of direct patient care, such as nursing and medical assisting, as well as non-direct patient care roles such as health information management. Employment opportunities may also be obtainable through the facilities where students completed their studies.

Those workers in health care areas requiring significantly more training and education, such as physicians and specialists, can often take advantage of job placement services offered through recruiting agencies. Larger health care networks and government facilities typically recruit physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals through a central recruitment organization. This can be beneficial for the health care professional looking for opportunities across a broader region or even nationally in some cases.

While looking for permanent employment in the health care field, workers should take advantage of medical job placement services that may provide the opportunity to network with specific administrators or staffing personnel in the most desirable facilities. Keep in mind that temping or interning for a smaller practice or facility within a larger network of providers may open up doors for future employment opportunities. Qualified individuals may also find it beneficial to apply for resources or pool positions with several area hospitals in order to increase networking opportunities as well as experience.

Individuals using staffing and recruitment agencies for medical job placement may want to work with a single recruiter who can familiarize themselves with individual skills and job search criteria. It is also helpful to ask for referrals to hiring managers, recruiters and facility administrators from colleagues. Using a combination of medical job placement services and professional networking is the best way to uncover the best employment opportunities.

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    • Doctor taking notes
      Doctor taking notes