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What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Jewelry?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Making DIY jewelry is all about expression. A piece of jewelry made by hand can be perfectly tailored for the person it is made for. It is possible to incorporate unique materials, unusual designs, and custom features. DIY jewelry need not have a characteristically handmade look and can be made using professional tools, materials, and designs. Even so, it is important to remember that a wealth of instructions and tips exists for making jewelry, and learning about how other pieces of jewelry were made can expand someone's skills considerably.

When making DIY jewelry, the best place to start is with an idea. Looking at many different types of jewelry, learning about techniques used currently and historically, and thinking about what is appealing about this type of accessory can all be part of forming an initial idea. Almost any design can be achieved with sufficient skill and knowledge, but researching how to execute particularly complex designs can be daunting. As such, most people choose to begin with DIY jewelry of fairly conventional designs.

A bracelet.
A bracelet.

Thinking about the basic type of DIY jewelry a person would like to make is a great place to start, because focusing on one area of jewelry can allow a person to accumulate materials, tools, and skills related to that particular area. A person might particularly enjoy beaded jewelry, cast jewelry, or even wooden jewelry. Each of these areas of jewelry making requires different materials and skills, and becoming an expert in one area can make a wide variety of designs possible.

DIY jewelry.
DIY jewelry.

Some people find that learning about jewelry making before attempting projects at home is helpful. Many different art studios offer jewelry making courses, and there are a wide variety of books on this topic that explain techniques in detail. Attending a workshop can be a great way to get a basic introduction to this craft without having to invest in a long-term course. Starting out with a kit that includes all necessary materials, information, and tools can be perfect for relatively easy types of jewelry like beading.

Recycled materials are a good resource for DIY jewelry makers.
Recycled materials are a good resource for DIY jewelry makers.

One important tip to remember when making DIY jewelry is that there are no restrictions on what can be used to make jewelry. Recycled materials, natural fibers, and even highly unusual items like human hair have been used to make jewelry that is attractive or makes a statement. Some people make jewelry that simply looks pretty, while others focus on the technical craft involved or the meaning of the art form. When making DIY jewelry, the most important part of the process is whatever is most important to the designer.

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Discussion Comments


Browse any craft store and you will see rows of beads and jewelry making supplies to create your own jewelry. Even if I don't have a new project in mind, I always love to look at all of the beads and see what is new and what is on sale.

There are so many different colors, styles and kinds of beads to choose from. If I see some jewelry in a magazine or catalog that I really like, I love to buy materials to re-create that look. Many stores offer beading classes, and there are also many patterns online if you need some inspiration.


Making your own homemade jewelry does not mean that it does not look good. Some of the most unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry I have seen have been made by some very creative people.

I think one of the best tips I received is that if you are making the piece for yourself, there really isn't a right or wrong way to do it. Make something that is your style, and that you will love to wear. You should also be prepared to receive compliments on it, because people really do notice tasteful, one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry.

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    • A bracelet.
      By: Steve Mann
      A bracelet.
    • DIY jewelry.
      By: aleksandrn
      DIY jewelry.
    • Recycled materials are a good resource for DIY jewelry makers.
      By: Teodora_D
      Recycled materials are a good resource for DIY jewelry makers.