What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Furniture?

Dan Cavallari

Before doing any DIY furniture projects, it is important to ensure the furniture maker has the proper tools and a decent workspace in which to work. The space should be well-lit and ventilated to allow fumes from paints or varnishes to escape the room, and it should contain several outlets by which power tools can be powered during the construction process. All the necessary tools for making a particular piece of furniture should be on hand and ready for use before the DIY furniture project starts; if a person does not have all the necessary tools, he or she should know where to get them when necessary.

When making DIY furniture, learn how to safely operate power tools, including miter saws.
When making DIY furniture, learn how to safely operate power tools, including miter saws.

Once a good workspace has been set up and all the proper tools acquired, the DIY furniture maker should consider what types of furniture he wants to make. Different materials will require different tools, and the particular piece of furniture may require a certain amount of raw materials and hardware. Planning is very important for any DIY furniture project, and before the builder even picks up a tool, he or she should have a solid understanding of the overall structure of the piece to be built, as well as the materials necessary for purchase and the time and effort that will be involved in making the piece. The builder should have a working knowledge of how to use all the tools properly and safely, and all safety equipment should be on hand before the DIY furniture project starts.

If the builder is new to furniture construction, he or she may want to consider purchasing a furniture kit for the first project. A kit often comes with all the necessary raw materials and hardware to complete the project, as well as detailed instructions on how to complete construction of that piece of furniture. This is a good way to become familiar with the tools and techniques associated with furniture building, and it eliminates some of the trial and error of figuring out the best methods for building strong furniture.

It may also be a good idea to visit a professional furniture maker to find out some ticks and trips to make the process easier, more thorough, and more fun. A furniture maker may be able to give the new furniture builder insight as to how to upholster, how to make joints, how to finish the wood properly, and so on. Many furniture makers are happy to share the craft with others, so taking an afternoon to observe a furniture maker can help a new furniture builder become more enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the process.

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