What Are the Best Tips for Making a DIY Wedding Program?

K. Testa
K. Testa
Details of the wedding ceremony are often include in the program.
Details of the wedding ceremony are often include in the program.

There is a wide variety of DIY wedding program options available; you could create a program from scratch, designing the layout and purchasing all of the supplies yourself, or you could buy a pre-made kit that requires only a home printer and minimal assembly. Many people consider a DIY wedding program to be a money-saving option, but you should be careful not to underestimate how much time and money you might have to spend. Just because the program is homemade doesn't necessarily mean it's inexpensive, once you factor in all of the materials that you need. The basic process involves choosing your design and layout, followed by obtaining the necessary supplies and including pertinent information for your wedding guests. The final product should be a reflection of you as a couple and incorporate the theme of your wedding day.

If you purchase a DIY wedding program kit containing all of your needed supplies, then you can simply add your ceremony information, printing and assembling the programs at home. Many online wedding sites offer downloadable templates for your program pages. The bride and groom can assemble the programs themselves, while another popular option is for the bride to host a night with her friends and put the programs together. In most cases, you'll want to do a trial run of printing and assembling your programs, in order to catch any problems and make necessary changes.

When planning your DIY wedding program, the first factor to consider is usually the overall design, such as whether you want it to appear whimsical or elegant. Most couples coordinate the program with their wedding colors or themes. To make a personalized and unique wedding program, consider, for example, your occupation, your ethnic heritage, or your hobbies.

Some additional points to keep in mind when creating your DIY wedding program are the size and color of the paper. Furthermore, the type of paper you use will probably dictate several other details, such as the ink or embossing options; heavier papers work well in certain situations, but if you're printing the programs yourself on a laser printer, you may need a lightweight paper. You can also choose to include graphics, photos, and other designs. Text and font sizes are important as well, to make the programs easy to read. After writing your text, you should make sure that everything is spelled properly and is grammatically correct.

Typically, a wedding program includes the order of the ceremony and the names of the wedding party members and the officiant. It usually lists the musical selections, featuring the names of any live musicians or singers. If it is a religious ceremony, the couple often includes the text of the prayers in the program. Printing logistical information, such as directions from the ceremony to the reception, is also usually helpful to the guests, especially those unfamiliar with the area. Many DIY wedding programs also incorporate a meaningful quote or a personal message to the couple's parents or to the wedding guests.

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@raynbow- If your friend's family has a lot of kids in it, here is a neat idea that they can help out with too.

I have a friend who is an art teacher, and she was planning her wedding last year. She had her students make her wedding programs as a project. Though the programs weren't all perfect, they fit the occasion perfectly because of her profession and her family's love of kids and art. All of the guests thought it was a great idea.


@raynbow- If you have a friend or family member who has nice hand writing and time to devote to this project, all you will need is his or her talents and some pretty paper. This will save money and add a unique and artistic flair to your friend's DIY wedding programs.


Has anyone ever made wedding programs completely from scratch? I'm looking for some ideas to help my friend who is planning her wedding for next year. She likes the idea of making as many things as she can for the wedding instead of buying already-made items.

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    • Details of the wedding ceremony are often include in the program.
      By: photographmd
      Details of the wedding ceremony are often include in the program.