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What are the Best Tips for Filling out a Postgraduate Application?

Elise Czajkowski
Elise Czajkowski

The best tips for filling out a postgraduate application are to carefully review all forms and fees before applying and to provide all the information requested by the university. Applicants should obtain transcripts and appropriate letters of recommendation to include with the application and should be certain that they have complied with any requirements peculiar to the program or type of program to which they are applying. Incomplete applications may not be accepted.

Since a postgraduate application will almost always require a bachelor's degree or the equivalent, it is important to provide proof of undergraduate studies. Most postgraduate programs will require transcripts detailing the applicant's undergraduate course of study. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that an official undergraduate transcript is sent to the university before the application deadline.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another important element of a postgraduate application is a recommendation from professors, employers, or others who are aware of your academic and professional record. A good tip for these letters is to ask someone with whom he or she has worked closely and who is able to give a personal account of the applicant's studies. While it may be tempting to seek out recommendations from prominent names or figures, personal letters give postgraduate admissions officers a feel for an applicant's ability and experience.

While the requirements for applications will vary between universities and fields of study, research programs will often require a research proposal as part of the postgraduate application. It is crucial to follow the guidelines for the proposal carefully, as they may differ between schools and departments. The work submitted should be well-edited and properly documented.

If applying for postgraduate studies in a foreign country, an applicant may be required to prove fluency in the language of study. The university will probably require an original copy of language testing results. As undergraduate programs can vary around the world, some universities may have additional eligibility requirements for foreign students.

Applicants must also look closely at the fees associated with applications to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Foreign applicants may be required to pay different fees. A university may only accept certain types of payment for these fees, so it is important to check this before paying.

The most important tip for filling out a postgraduate application is to be meticulous in completing it. Forms, fees, or requirements for a program may change from year to year, so it is best for the applicant to check with the university to ensure that he or she is following the current procedures. It is also wise to keep a copy of all forms and papers sent as part of the application, for future reference.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book