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How do I Choose the Best Postgraduate Accounting Program?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

An accountant is a professional responsible for gathering and organizing documents that can be used to determine the financial health of an organization and demonstrate its adherence to laws and regulations. Individuals in this field may attend postgraduate accounting programs, normally after having completed an undergraduate degree in accounting or in a similar financial field. A degree from a graduate program can prepare a professional to perform more specialized or demanding work and may also help an individual to become more attractive to employers. In order to choose the best postgraduate accounting program, it can first be helpful to consider which concentration within the accounting field you would like to study and which certifications you need to practice. Other important factors can be the reputation of a program, its location, and the cost of tuition.

Students who enroll in postgraduate accounting programs normally wish to study a specific facet of the accounting field. For example, students who are interested in managerial accounting want to study accounting that is used by managers to develop business plans and strategies. Financial accountants, on the other hand, may be more concerned with preparing documents for auditors and shareholders. While many programs offer courses in the major facets of this field, some programs may be thought to better prepare students for one kind of accounting.

An accountant working.
An accountant working.

In many areas, accountants need certain certifications in order to legally practice. It is common for postgraduate accounting programs to prepare students to test for necessary certifications. The best program is probably one that allows you to train for the kind of certification you need to practice as an accountant in your area.

Different postgraduate accounting programs have different reputations. Programs may be ranked by publications that base their rankings on surveys distributed to relevant professionals and scholars. A degree from a highly ranked program can make a graduate more desirable to potential employers. Factors such as the quality of faculty and selectivity of an admissions board normally impact the reputation of a school.

For many students, the environment in which a postgraduate accounting program is located can determine how good of a fit it is. Some individuals find that the best program is closest to home. Others may feel that a program's reputation is the most important factor and therefore be willing to travel.

Cost is another important factor for many people. While postgraduate tuition tends on average to be higher than undergraduate tuition, a number of students find that programs offer grants and scholarships that may pay for part or all of tuition. Government agencies and other social services organizations also offer grants to students who meet certain criteria.

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    • An accountant working.
      By: Arto
      An accountant working.