What Are the Best Tips for Easy Hair Removal?

Rhonda Rivera

Many people seek to have hairless legs, underarms, and faces with minimum effort and time, but easy hair removal is not necessarily painless, inexpensive, nor pleasant. For example, having hair removed by a trained professional is generally considered easy, but these services, which usually consist of waxing or laser treatments, are typically more expensive than other methods. Using hair removal creams can be very effective and easy, though the accompanying smell is often unpleasant. Whatever the method, there is usually a way to get better results or even speed along the process.

Shaving is a common method for removing hair from the underarms and other body parts.
Shaving is a common method for removing hair from the underarms and other body parts.

If a person opts to have hair removed by laser, he or she should keep in mind that the laser usually works best when there is a significant contrast of color between the skin and hair. For best results, one should avoid tanning in the sun or otherwise darkening the skin, so the laser can more easily do its job. After a session of laser hair removal, the person should not forcefully remove hair. If the hair was affected by the laser, it will come out easily with little to no resistance. A hair that must be waxed or plucked to be removed should be left alone until it has undergone another session under the laser.

Exfoliating prior to shaving can reduce irritation.
Exfoliating prior to shaving can reduce irritation.

Hair removal creams are relatively inexpensive and available in many countries around the world. For easy hair removal using this technique, it is generally recommended to wash the area before application. Areas of the skin with fine hair normally do not require the same amount of cream as areas with very coarse hair, so the user can make the tube of cream last longer by being conservative in fine hair areas. If the user has never used the cream before, he or she should test it on a small area to ensure that there is no allergic reaction. A significant amount of these creams have an unpleasant smell, however, so this is not everyone's first choice for easy hair removal.

While shaving is often considered an easy hair removal method, there are a couple of things to keep in mind for hair removal with a razor. Using a sharp blade can make shaving easier and less likely to lead to skin irritation than one that is dull. Also, if an exfoliating scrub is used before shaving, users are less likely to experience skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can be caused by improper hair removal techniques.
Ingrown hairs can be caused by improper hair removal techniques.

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For eyebrows, the easiest method is eyebrow threading. There is a lady at the mall who does it and I tried it just because I was curious. It worked so well and it was so painless, I was really surprised. It removes the hair from the roots so you don't have to have your brows threaded again for quite a while. It just takes five minutes to have done.

I prefer threading over tweezing or waxing, especially because I have really sensitive skin and my skin always burns and turns red after both. You should give it a try if you haven't yet, it's probably available at the mall or at beauty salons.


I discovered a great tip while using hair removal creams. I noticed that when I apply them after taking a shower, it actually lasts longer. I'm not sure why, maybe the hot water softens the hair making it easier for the cream to treat. But whenever I do this, my legs remain smooth for a couple of days longer which is great! There is a new hair removal cream that's meant to be used in the shower and that's perfect.

The other tip I have in general for hair removal creams is to use plenty of it. I was trying to save product at first and only applied a very thin layer, but that doesn't work well, it misses some hairs. I apply plenty now and there are no hairs left when I'm done! I apply a nice moisturizer after and I'm good to go for about a week.


I use an epilator for hair removal and I think it's easier than both shaving and waxing. I don't like shaving because the hairs grow back very quickly which means I have to shave again in a few days. Waxing takes a very long time and is not fun to deal with in the heat, not to mention the pain.

Epilators cause some pain too, but it's much less than waxing. My epilator has a special part that massages my skin while removing hair and that reduces the pain quite a lot. It also works a lot faster and there is no shaving creams or hot wax to deal with. The best part about epilators is that they last a really long time, as long as waxing does but without the mess.

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