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What Are the Best Tips for Applying Halloween Eye Makeup?

Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

Some of the best tips for applying Halloween eye makeup include using makeup sparingly and using an eye makeup primer. Although Halloween is the time of the year to dress in costume, applying heavy Halloween eye makeup is not necessary to achieve the desired look. When applied correctly, Halloween eye makeup can transform the wearer's eyes so she looks like anything from a cat, a princess, or a witch.

Using everyday makeup can help avoid an allergic reaction that might be caused by inexpensive theatrical or Halloween makeup. This type of makeup can cause a skin reaction, especially when worn on and around the eyes. Wearing a trusted brand of eye makeup will also help the wearer feel more comfortable when applying it, as she will be more confident with using the textures and applicators with which she's familiar.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another tip for applying Halloween eye makeup is to use an eye makeup primer on the eyelids before applying eye makeup. This readies the eyelid for eyeshadow and can reduce the risk of fading and creasing. Eye makeup primer can be purchased at many cosmetic counters at departments stores and drug stores. Halloween eye makeup is meant to look dramatic and vibrant so fading and creasing takes away that effect.

Using a rich liquid black eyeliner can create a great cat's eye, and using a liquid eyeliner is easier to apply because it glides smoothly onto the eyes. The eyeliner should begin at the inner corner of the upper eyelid and extend beyond the eye, using an upward sweeping motion. Following the application of the eyeliner, a double coat of black mascara should be used on the upper and lower eyelashes. If a more dramatic look is desired, false eyelashes can be worn, though some people may have difficulty applying them.

Metallic or sparkly dark eyeshadow can enhance the eyes, while creating a smoky, sultry look. In addition, adding a touch of hypoallergenic eye glitter to the eyelids and lashes can further add drama and sparkle. This look is great when dressing up as a witch or a cat. Furthermore, using a light-colored sparkly eyeshadow is a great option when going for a princess look. These looks can be altered for children, as parents may prefer to go easy when applying Halloween eye makeup on the younger kids.

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@Iluviaporos - I agree. Sometimes the most effective Halloween makeup is completely normal except for one or two scary details, like a "crack" in the face or some lines of blood.

The other option is to get a kit that is specifically designed for a particular effect. I've seen some pretty good vampire makeup kits, for example.


@pastanaga - There are some absolutely incredible makeup artists out there who have done some amazing things for Halloween. One thing I would say to anyone who hasn't done much with body art before: make sure you do a couple of practice runs. You don't want to try a look for the first time on the day and end up either botching it, or taking forever and missing out on your party or event.

And if it's too difficult, that's OK. Just try something simple. The eyes are the most difficult area to do well on the face. If you absolutely can't manage it, then maybe concentrate on the lips and just leave the eyes neutral.


There is almost no version of Halloween makeup that won't have a few great tutorials online somewhere. If you're really interested in something that seems a bit above your skill level, I would hunt down a variety of tutorials and then see what they all have in common and which ones seem to work the best and then use that information to figure out your own technique.

This gives you a good basic understanding so you aren't just following one person step by step and you can be a little bit innovative as well.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book