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How Do I Choose the Best Glitter Mascara?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Glitter mascara is an excellent way to add glitz and sparkle to any occasion. Available from numerous brands in nearly any color you could imagine, this mascara usually consists of a clear gel containing glitter particles. As with any beauty product, you want to choose the one that is best for you. Desired effect, your lash type, mascara preferences, and price can all influence which product you buy.

The effect you want to achieve with your glitter mascara helps narrow down the choice. If you want a more dramatic effect, you want to choose a formula that is not too thick. To really make your eyes stand out, first coat your lashes with a deep black mascara base coat. This will provide a greater contrast between the lashes and the glitter. You will, therefore, want to choose one that will glide on easily over the top of the base coat without being too heavy or resulting in clumps.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

For a more subtle effect, the glitter mascara can be applied as it is. Again, you will want to choose a less thick and heavy formula in order to avoid clumping. You can always add further coats. Also, choose one that has smaller glitter particles as they will be better able to cling to your lashes.

Your lash type will also affect your choice, based on whether your lashes are short or long, thick or thin, full or sparse. For example, if your lashes are thin, you will want to choose a formula that gives the impression of thickness. If your lashes are already quite thick, you may want to avoid thickening mascaras as this can give the lashes an overly fake look. Also, decide if you want to add characteristics such as length, volume, and curl as many formulas promote these qualities. If you cannot find the desired formula in the choices of glitter mascara, then choose a relevant base coat.

You probably have preferences in the plain mascara that you already wear, so it is best to try to stick with these so that you are more comfortable with your glitter mascara. For example, you may be more comfortable with a straight or curved wand type, so try to find an equivalent. If you have a favorite brand that you already know is compatible with your skin and lashes, see if they do a glittery alternative.

Choose a glitter mascara that you can afford as it may be an item that you wear infrequently. Conversely, if you wear it all the time, you'll need to be able to afford multiple bottles. Luckily, most of these mascaras are not very expensive. Finally, you will also want to choose a waterproof version because nights that require glitter mascara are, for better or worse, usually of the kind that leave your makeup all over your face.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping