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What Are the Best Tips for Applying Concealer?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Good concealer application tactics begin with ensuring that the product matches the skin and that the skin is moisturized. Although the issue is largely debated, it is generally best to apply the product under other cosmetics. For the best results when applying concealer, dab it onto only those spots where it is needed and allow it to begin drying slightly. The product should be blended well and assessed under good lighting. If no other products are worn over the concealer, it is best to top it with finishing powder.

One of the most important rules of applying concealer is to attempt to do so only if the product and the skin color are nearly identical. Otherwise, even if good application techniques are mastered, the finished look is not likely to appear natural. Also, before the concealer is put on, it is best to moisturize the skin. Doing so provides a smoother surface for application of the product.


A person can find arguments on both sides of the debate about applying concealer before or after foundation. To draw an effective conclusion, consider that concealer is generally designed to also work for people do not wear foundation. This means that the product is designed to be worn on top of the skin, not on top of another product. After applying concealer, to avoid rubbing or brushing it off, allow it to set before applying other products, such as foundation or blush.

Before concealer is allowed to set, it should be properly blended into the skin. To do this, an individual should dab the product onto the desired spots and allow it to dry slightly. It is important to avoid applying too much, or the product may look caked on. Before it completely dries, a finger, brush, or sponge should be used to lightly tap the concealer, which will spread it out and help it to appear natural. Although an individual may be most concerned about blemishes, to make the skin tone appear even, concealer should also be applied to areas that are generally dark, such as those under the eyes and around the nose.

It can be difficult to adequately assess how well the concealer has blended in if the lighting is not proper. An individual should analyze her skin under bright and, if possible, natural light. If it is obvious where the product has been placed, the areas should be dampened, and blending should be reattempted. For best results, after applying concealer satisfactorily, it is a good idea to follow up with dusting powder.

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