What are the Best Sources of Copyright Advice?

G. Wiesen

In general, there are a few good sources for copyright advice available for most people, though these may depend somewhat upon the country in which a person lives. An attorney or solicitor trained specifically in dealing with copyright issues and copyright infringement is often one of the best sources of advice for dealing with these types of concerns. Depending on the nature of the issue, a lawyer well versed in international as well as national copyright law may be preferable as well. The government agency responsible for dealing with copyright laws or copyright registration can also be an excellent provider of copyright advice.

An attorney trained in copyright law is usually a good source of copyright advice.
An attorney trained in copyright law is usually a good source of copyright advice.

Copyright advice is typically necessary with regard to how copyrights work, how a copyright is formed, and the legal obligations and protections provided by modern copyright laws. Many of these laws are international and agreed upon by a number of different countries. While this makes such laws a bit more universal, providing fewer exceptions and differences between countries, it can also make these laws fairly complicated. This is why a lawyer trained and well versed in international copyright laws may be one of the best sources of copyright advice available to most people.

Lawyers typically have a strong foundation regarding general legal practices, but they also tend to choose a particular area of focus and practice. Those lawyers who choose to specialize in copyright law are typically quite well versed in the various laws that provide protection for holders of copyrights and how that protection can be exercised and upheld. A lawyer can also typically help someone understand the nature of a copyright he or she may hold, such as what is specifically protected and what could constitute an infringement. This type of lawyer can also provide copyright advice to a client with regard to moving forward with a civil suit or similar motion against someone who may have infringed upon a copyright.

The government agency involved with copyright law for a country can also be an excellent source of copyright advice for a person. This agency may be directly involved with helping citizens register for copyright protection, or may simply provide understanding of copyright laws upheld in that country. Such agencies often have websites that provide a great deal of copyright advice regarding how to register a copyright and information needed to contact the agency further. There may also be local or federal offices for such agencies where individuals can receive information directly from someone working for the agency.

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