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What are Common Copyright Issues?

Daphne Mallory
Daphne Mallory

Common copyright issues pertain to the unauthorized distribution or reproduction of copyrighted materials. Copyright infringement laws provide protections for creators of original works to utilize the courts to restrain others from using their works without permission. The subject of copyright litigation is often that of copyright infringement and plaintiffs seeking equitable relief such as injunctions or legal relief such as damages. Governments also prosecute copyright infringement cases and ask the court to apply criminal penalties such as fines or jail sentences. Internet copyright infringement is often a popular issue, and copyright laws sometimes lag behind technological advances and the occurrence of more content sharing on the Internet.

All works that are not works made for hire, considered a fair use, or in the public domain need the permission of the creator before they can be used in any way. Not all copyright infringement is willful, and sometimes there are innocent violations of copyright laws. In some cases, individuals use a work that they think is in the public domain and clear of any copyright issues, but it turns out not to be the case. Some individuals believe that they can reproduce and distribute a work that doesn’t have a copyright notice, out of ignorance of the copyright laws that often protect the creator’s copyrights even when there is no notice. Displaying a copyright notice on a website, on written material, or on other works is often optional according to national copyright laws.

Copyright infringement is a common copyright issue.
Copyright infringement is a common copyright issue.

The fair use of copyrighted material continues to be one of the more problematic common copyright issues, because there is often no definitive standard for when copying someone else’s work is fair or substantial. Copyright laws do not protect creators when their work is copied to an insignificant extent, but copyright laws don’t lay out the percentage that others are allowed to copy. The rule is that it cannot be substantial, and it’s left for jurors and judges to reasonably determine on a case by case basis. The term fair use also pertains to using the work for commentary and news-related purposes. Original creators often pursue civil litigation when they believe that their work was substantially copied without authorization or that the use of the work went beyond the scope of fair use rules.

Copyright issues that are common and related to internet copyright infringement often pertain to illegal sharing of copyrighted material, such as music, videos, and written works. Some governments have responded by enacting legislation that aims to protect artists and others and have often legislated imprisonment in order to deter copyright theft. Those who directly infringe on the copyrights of others and owners of websites who provide the platforms that facilitate illegal sharing are sometimes taken to court by prosecutors as well as the creators.

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    • Copyright infringement is a common copyright issue.
      By: pixelrobot
      Copyright infringement is a common copyright issue.