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What Are the Best Marketing Business Tips?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The best marketing business tips involve using strategies that get the highest results for the least amount of investment. Another great marketing tip is to test every campaign or promotion to obtain accurate results on whether the strategy is conducive to a good return on investment (ROI). The best strategies consider all areas of the marketing mix of product, price, packaging, promotion, and place or distribution.

Distribution channels and product placement require careful strategizing to ensure a smooth transition to the target market. Before deciding on a marketing campaign, different methods of getting products to buyers should be considered as more than one may work best. For example, one of the most lucrative marketing business tips for many companies today is to sell items not only through their brick and mortar store but also via an e-commerce website. A company's marketing materials must then mention the website, which can in turn be constantly updated to provide customers with product and service information as well as special offers.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Promotional strategies that are low cost can often bring in good results. Advertising a promotion in which free products such as t-shirts are given away, with perhaps a contest to win more valuable prizes, can help bring people to a store or visitors to the website. Great marketing tips for promotions include understanding the needs and desires of the target audience in order to design compelling offers.

Packaging marketing business tips are often overlooked, but are considered important by consumers. Frustrating product packaging that's difficult to open or directions that are confusing aren't going to help sales. Studying competitors' packaging and going beyond it to make things even easier or more attractive for the target consumer will likely help sales.

Pricing strategies are commonly employed in marketing mixes, but here too there is often room for improvement. The lowest priced product doesn't always claim the highest market share, and a great tip to remember and advertise is that customers will get value for their money. Product marketing business tips that focus on positioning the item for sale as offering the value the target market wants, such as a reasonably priced cleaner that cleans all surfaces in the home easily and better than an array of other products, can lead to higher sales.

Since marketing is results-oriented, testing the efforts of all implemented campaigns and strategies is essential. By comparing the money spent with the revenue earned on each marketing effort, future campaigns can often be better planned. Getting what you pay for in terms of campaign spending is one of the best marketing business tips to keep in mind as mistakes may easily be avoided. For instance, trying to save money by choosing low quality to reduce campaign costs, such as by paying an inexperienced advertising copywriter to write compelling sales copy, may backfire, as the results can end up being very poor.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase