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What are the Best Exercises for Cellulite?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Many people are aware that cellulite is often hereditary, and there is no sure way to prevent it. The good news is that there are exercises for cellulite that can reduce the appearance of this unsightly issue. Performing them regularly will likely be a good start to cellulite reduction. There are various types of exercises for cellulite, which means that those who are interested can pick and choose their workouts, or they may decide to do them all.

Cellulite is a type of fat tissue that is deposited in certain areas to protect the organs and muscles. Since it is connective tissue, it is possible for toxins, fluids and fats to become trapped in it, eventually hardening to create visible dimples. They are most often located on the thighs and buttocks, though some people also struggle with dimples on their stomach, arms, and breasts. Genetics, a poor diet, dehydration, and lack of regular exercise can all contribute to the issue, which is why performing some exercises for cellulite can be a good start to reduce the problematic dimples.

Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to reduce cellulite.
Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to reduce cellulite.

Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to reduce cellulite since it can help burn calories, which eventually results in burning off the fat that is trapped in the connective tissue. Additionally, this type of exercise can improve circulation, slowly flushing toxins out of the body. Once fat and toxins are removed from the connective tissue, the dimples should noticeably shrink so that they are barely there. Sessions should last about a half hour, and may include walking, running, swimming, or biking. These are just some of the most popular cardiovascular workouts, but any exercise that gets the heart pumping for a half hour everyday should also work.

Muscle conditioning is also recommended to get rid of cellulite, as it can tone the muscles and smooth the skin. Generally, any muscle-toning moves are considered good exercises for cellulite, but some of the most effective appear to be squats and lunges. These moves focus on toning the leg muscles, particularly the back of the legs, which is where many people have a lot of cellulite.

Additionally, isometric exercises, which cause the muscles to contract without moving, can also be helpful. They can be conducted standing in line, or while driving, as they involve contracting the areas most prone to cellulite. The contraction should be held for 30 seconds, and then released and started again. In general, a combination of isometric exercises for cellulite, cardiovascular workouts, and muscle conditioning should be the way to cellulite reduction.

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    • Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to reduce cellulite.
      By: Valentina R.
      Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to reduce cellulite.