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What is a Cellulite Body Wrap?

Emily Cardiff
Emily Cardiff

A cellulite body wrap is a beauty treatment used to smooth out bumpy or dimpled skin caused by cellulite, a lumpy type of fat typically found on a woman's thighs and buttocks. The wraps are supposed to work by improving blood flow and breaking down fat. These body wraps are typically applied snugly to the body with materials such as linens, plastic, rubber or cellophane and are often used in coordination with oils, lotions, cremes or herbal solutions. These products can either be applied directly to the skin or soaked directly into the wrap before application to the body. Wraps can be applied to targeted cellulite trouble spots, such as arms, legs, waist and thighs, or can cover the entirety of your body.

Cellulite is a common issue with many women both overweight and not. While a cellulite body wrap may not necessarily reduce, eliminate or get rid of cellulite, it can help to detoxify the body and help remove water-logged fatty tissues, a common cause of the formation of cellulite bumps. Softer skin and relaxation may be the most beneficial part of a cellulite body wrap. Individuals who have seen a change in their body size and dimensions after one of these wraps typically are experiencing the loss of fluids that occurs during the procedure and not necessarily a loss in body fat.

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

Herbal wraps are common and popular because they are considered natural. These wraps can be made of mud, seaweed, salts, algae and aloe vera, but other herbal remedies can be used as well. Special lotions and creams that are said to work against cellulite and other fatty tissues in the body may also be used. Whether using creams and lotions or herbal solutions, these products can generally be applied two ways: They can be brushed on and massaged right onto the skin, followed by wrap application, or the wrap materials can first be soaked in a product and then applied. These processes can be done for the whole body or just for individually targeted areas.

At-home cellulite body wraps also are available, but may be difficult to apply without assistance. It also may be smarter to visit a spa that is knowledgeable in these particular body wraps for safety reasons— a wrap can pull fluids from your body during the process, which can cause severe dehydration. Some may experience allergic reactions as well, so discussing ingredients with a spa professional beforehand is typically recommended.

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I tried seaweed and mud anti-cellulite body wraps at the salon and they're great. I really felt like it detoxified my skin and helped my body remove fat. I looked slimmer after the treatment and my cellulite became less apparent. But for severe cellulite, ultrasound treatment is more effective.


@fBoyle-- Three days?! That's too long, how did you manage? The most I've heard people keep the wraps on is forty-five minutes to an hour. You might irritate your skin if you keep it longer.

Rather than keeping the wraps on for extended periods of time, it's more effective to do this treatment often, like once every week for several months.

Also, did you use any cream or oil inside the wrap?

I always use an anti-cellulite cream inside and I leave it on for about half an hour. You can even use natural oils like olive oil.

I've been doing this regularly for three months and my cellulite is doing a lot better. But I'm also watching my diet and exercising and I'm sure that helps too.

Body wrap for cellulite is not a miracle treatment but if you keep at it with patience, you will see results.


I wore anti-cellulite body wrap around my thighs for three days and it did absolutely nothing! All it did was make that area sweat. I'm sure that removed some toxins but my cellulite looks exactly the same. I'm disappointed.

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    • Woman doing yoga
      Woman doing yoga