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What are the Benefits of Obtaining a University Degree?

Lily Ruha
Lily Ruha

The benefits of obtaining a university degree include knowledge acquisition, greater access to employment opportunities, and increased personal confidence. A university degree is a requirement in many fields, and in other fields where skills may be self-taught, a degree may not be an absolute requirement, but employers sometimes prefer applicants with a university education. Successful completion of a structured academic program generally signals that an individual possesses fundamental academic skills, specialized knowledge in a degree field, and the perseverance to fulfill commitments.

One of the greatest benefits of obtaining a university degree is the acquisition of knowledge. University programs are generally designed to teach students fundamental academic skills such as writing, advanced reading comprehension, and mathematics. Other subjects often required in university education include science, history, sociology, psychology, and philosophy. Exposure to these topics is intended to give students a well-rounded education to assist them in the world of work and in general life.

Hoover Tower at Stanford University, a private research university.
Hoover Tower at Stanford University, a private research university.

The structure of university education allows for an organized and systematic approach to gaining expertise in a chosen field. University students are usually required to select a subject of focus. Some topics, such as philosophy or marketing, can be studied and mastered outside of the university environment, but a university program ensures exposure to the most important aspects of an area of study. The assessment and grading elements involved in earning a university degree also help to ensure that a student has successfully mastered core concepts.

One of the benefits of a university degree is greater access to employment opportunities. Working as a lawyer, doctor, or educator generally requires a university degree and satisfactory completion of licensing and certification requirements. Some employers require a degree in specific fields, and others require that an applicant have a bachelor’s degree in any field. A degree may not be specifically required for the job in some situations, but an employer might give preference to applicants with a degree. An employer looking to hire a recent graduate might consider a high grade point average from a reputable university as an indication of the applicant’s intelligence, commitment, and work ethic.

Obtaining a university education may also be helpful for increasing an individual’s confidence in society. In certain societal circles, assumptions are made about people who graduated from college. Greater intelligence, open-mindedness, and expertise are qualities commonly associated with people who have completed a university education. In some cases, obtaining a degree helps to elevate a person’s confidence and self assurance in regards to employment opportunities, service to the community, and/or social standing.

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    • Hoover Tower at Stanford University, a private research university.
      By: Ritu Jethani
      Hoover Tower at Stanford University, a private research university.