What are the Advantages of Timeshare Ownership?

Felicia Dye

Timeshare ownership is something that many people think about. In some cases, people do not choose to invest their money in this type of vacation option because they are not aware of all of the advantages. People often do not realize that timeshare ownership can make planning vacations easier and cheaper while affording them more options.

Owning a timeshare offers great destination living for a fraction of the cost of home ownership.
Owning a timeshare offers great destination living for a fraction of the cost of home ownership.

Money motivates people to do a lot of things. One of the biggest advantages of timeshare ownership is that it can be a money saver. In many cases, timeshares require that a person pay a lump sum to buy their rights to a week’s lodging every year. Thereafter, a drastically smaller annual maintenance fee is usually required.

While these costs may seem substantial, if they are compared to other options over a lifetime, such as buying a vacation home or paying for lodging, it normally works out to be much cheaper to own a timeshare. Buying a vacation home is typically a huge investment. It can also involve a lot of additional costs, such as maintenance, insurance, and taxes. For many people, this option is not even a possibility.

Paying for lodging every year can also work out to be more expensive, especially when traveling during peak seasons. Hotel rooms, which are usually less spacious and homey, can average out to higher costs than owning a timeshare. Renting out a vacation home every year is also likely to cost substantially more than the price of timeshare ownership.

Convenience is another advantage. It may take a person a great deal of time to find lodging, especially for travel during a busy season in a busy location. Timeshare ownership can simplify this process. There are generally resources to help timeshare owners. These include guides that list available properties and customer service agents who can reserve properties and check availability.

Timeshare ownership can also expand the owner’s travel options. There are some locations where a person may not be able to go if he is required to pay lodging and travel costs. If he is a timeshare owner, however, since the cost of lodging is already paid, he may have a wider range of choices.

Timeshare ownership can also be viewed as a long-term investment. When a person is considering owning a timeshare and the cost over a lifetime, she may want to consider that the lifespan of ownership can exceed her own life. In many cases, timeshares can be passed to loved ones when the initial owner passes away.

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