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What are the Advantages of Steel Siding?

Ron Marr
Ron Marr

When building a new home or remodeling an existing residence, there is always the question of siding. What is the best and the most affordable option? Which type of siding offers the most value for the money, is the most durable, and requires the least maintenance?

The choices generally consist of wood, vinyl, aluminum, stucco, concrete, or steel. On an ever-increasing basis, homeowners are opting for the final option. While steel siding may not offer the lowest initial expense, it pays for itself many times over in the long run. Moreover, steel holds numerous advantages that can’t be matched by its more traditional counterparts.


One of the primary advantages of steel lies in its durability. It can be dented, with great effort, but it is rarely destroyed. For instance, in the case of a hailstorm, vinyl siding will often be left tattered, torn, and full of holes, whereas steel siding will remain intact. Also, steel siding is highly resistant to both fire and water.

Another advantage of steel siding falls under the category of ease of maintenance. All the care it requires is the occasional, thorough washing with a garden hose. It doesn’t rust, chip, rot, or flake off strips of paint. There is no danger of insect damage, and it never needs to be re-painted. The same cannot be said for wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding.

Thanks to modern production techniques, steel siding can now be purchased in a huge array of colors, styles, and textures. In years past, steel was installed in much the same way as vinyl, wood, or aluminum siding. This meant there were inevitably small gaps between individual sections. These gaps could lead to water damage, incursion by insects or small rodents, and a high rate of heat loss.

Thanks to the invention of seamless steel siding, designed and contoured to the exact dimensions of each individual home, such problems are a thing of the past. Seamless steel siding is measured, cut, and shaped on the actual construction site, and then literally wrapped around a home.

Because of their lower cost, interlocking vinyl and aluminum sidings are still the top sellers in the marketplace. Also, a large number of homeowners will always prefer the tradition and appearance of a wood exterior. But, for those who seek the best return on their investment, and the greatest ease of care, steel siding is far and away the preferred choice.

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