What are the Advantages of Online Nursing Schools?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois
Doctor taking notes
Doctor taking notes

There are five main advantages to online nursing schools: program delivery methods, individual instructor attention, course materials, online tools, and cost. Online nursing schools provide a wide range of postgraduate courses and certificates for qualified nurses who want to expand their education. The nature of nursing precludes online tools as a method for all nursing training. However, this option is a great fit for the more theoretical material in specialist courses and programs.

Online nursing schools provide all the course materials, lectures, and resources on the Internet to registered students. Some courses offer a combination of textbook and online readings, and any books are delivered directly to your home. Instructors can record their lectures as audio or video files. Student blogs and other tools are used to encourage collaboration and discussion among the students, regardless of their physical location.

In a traditional classroom setting, the instructor has limited time for individual attention. In an online nursing school, the course lectures and materials are completed in advance. As a result, the instructor has the time to answer specific questions in detail and can work closely with individual students to clarify a concept. In an online setting, other students are not involved in the discussion, reducing any concerns about peer pressure.

The academic advisory committee reviews all course material to ensure that it is focused, clear and meets the programs requirements. This committee is comprised of nursing professors and subject matter experts. The program material is compared to the material that is provided by other nursing schools, as competition is quite fierce. Online nursing schools have a shorter course preparation time requirement than a traditional post secondary program. This allows them to quickly offer courses on new technologies, theories, or government regulations.

Computer technology in the classroom provides opportunities for the use of online tools, audio and video lectures, collaborative tools, and practical skill simulations. These tools provide students with the ability to repeat the lesson or course material as often as necessary. Student blogs, discussion groups, and personal websites allow students to build a sense of community during the course without leaving their homes.

The cost of courses from online nursing schools is usually lower than courses offered by traditional nursing schools. The difference in cost is possible because of the reduced expenses when offering online courses. An online school does not need to pay for classroom space, utilities, custodial staff, security, or building maintenance. The course materials can be prepared by a professor once and used for multiple course offerings, reducing staff costs.

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    • Doctor taking notes
      Doctor taking notes