What are Some Fireplace Design Ideas?

Jodee Redmond

When it comes to fireplace design ideas, you have a number of options available to you. The one that you choose will depend upon where your fireplace is located, the room's decor, and your budget.

A modern fireplace.
A modern fireplace.

If you like a rustic look in your home, you may want to explore some fireplace design ideas that incorporate stone. Cobblestones or field stones will give you a unique look, and bring a bit of the outdoors into your living space. Visitors can't help but notice the fireplace as the main feature of the room. This would be a great decorating choice for a family room or an informal living room.

Another fireplace design idea you may be interested in is to go sleek and modern. This style of fireplace blends into the wall, using a coordinating tile for the hearth. The design is very streamlined, and you can even consider installing the fireplace in a corner for a very distinctive design.

Brick is a popular choice when it comes to fireplace design. It can be left its natural color or painted to either accent or coordinate with other colors in your room. Leave the brick the same color as the wall if you want it to blend in. You also have the option of painting the brick in an accent color to draw attention to that part of the room.

If you want your fireplace design to give you a very elegant look, consider incorporating a European-style face into it. These can be very elaborate, with beveled edges and a sculptured design. This feature will add an air of sophistication to a formal living or dining room.

You will also want to consider the shape of the opening when considering fireplace design ideas. The opening may be a basic square shape, or you can have a completely different look by adding an arch shape to your design. There are a number of ways to interpret a fireplace, so don't be afraid to consider several options before deciding on one.

The mantel is another place where you can exercise your creativity in fireplace design ideas. You can go with a traditional design made of wood if you like. Another, more modern, design choice is to include a mantel made of stone. This gives a very elegant look to the fireplace, and you can add some accessories to the mantel to dress it up further.

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