How do I Choose the Best Corner Fireplace Mantel?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

You can choose the best corner fireplace mantel by selecting a material that fits well with the architecture and decor of your home. This may include many types of wood, as well as marble and granite. Select a fireplace mantel kit that has easy-to-follow instructions if you plan on completing the job yourself, or if you are inexperienced. Choosing from a traditional fireplace mantel or an electric model is another consideration.

When shopping for the most suitable corner fireplace mantel, take measurements of the area in which it will be installed. You need to consider how much space you will need between the mantel and any other nearby object such as a window. To make the process easier, you can go online and request a dimension worksheet or plan. A customer service representative from an online fireplace store can help you with inquiries.

Once you've located a manufacturer or dealer for buying your corner fireplace mantel, the next step should be to look through a brochure. You can request a printed circular, or, in some cases, download one from the company's website. If your home is traditional style, consider a wood corner fireplace mantel. The most common types of wood for a mantel are oak, maple, and cherry.

Decide upon the design you prefer. The next step is choosing your color or finish. If your room's decor is in white, choose a white fireplace mantel to match. You can choose a semi-gloss type of finish for the white paint. Conversely, if you have dark wood furniture, choose a similar colored mantel to coordinate with the decor. Polyurethane is typically used as a finish on these types of wood fireplace mantels.

Perhaps you'd prefer a classic or solid stone material for your corner fireplace mantel. The solid stone will typically be heavier, which is something keep in mind for installation. The look, however, is rich and elegant. Most every stone mantel will be fire resistant, which means you will not have to allow clearance space between the mantel and the firebox. If you need to store combustible material nearby and do not have extra storage space, a stone mantel could work well.

Another option might be an electric corner fireplace mantel. Many styles feature a realistically detailed look, with minimal work and maintenance. This is a good choice for virtually any room in the house, although most people opt to install the corner electric fireplace mantel in the living room, bedroom, or den. An advantage of the electric model is its simple plug-in set-up. You generally will not need to have it professionally installed. You also don't need gas to operate the unit and no special venting will be required.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower