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What are Some Diets That Work Fast?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

For various reasons, some people need to lose weight quickly. There are diets that work fast that can help those people reach these goals. Examples of such diets include the cabbage soup diet, the Hollywood diet, and the 3-day diet.

A person who is looking for a diet that works fast but allows her to eat all that she wants may consider the cabbage soup diet. Although some diets involve purchasing the necessary concoctions, this one requires a person to prepare a cabbage soup. Thereafter, for a week, the dieter can eat as much soup as she likes. She may also eat a limited amount of other food items such as fruits and rice, depending upon the plan that she follows. If she successfully completes the diet, she may lose up to ten pounds.

Chocolate mousse can be eaten on the 3-Hour diet.
Chocolate mousse can be eaten on the 3-Hour diet.

The Hollywood diet is another quick weight loss strategy. A person adhering to this diet is generally advised to abstain from smoking, drinking alcohol or caffeine, and eating food. Advertisements for the diet often state that a person can lose up to 15 pounds in 48 hours if she consumes nothing other than a specially formulated juice.

With the 3-day diet, a person may be able to lose up to ten pounds. This is one of the diets that work fast while allowing a person a bit of variety in what she consumes. On this diet, a person can drink coffee and eat meat and ice cream. There is, however, a strict menu to follow. This diet allegedly initiates weight loss because the combination of foods outlined with this diet are said to spark a metabolic reaction.

The 3-Hour Diet, outlined in a book by Jorge Cruise, is an eating plan that encourages people to eat every three hours. Following this program offers a person a great deal of variety. Acceptable foods include beef enchilada, chocolate mousse, and McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. This is one of the diets that work fast but does not produce as dramatic results as some of the others. According to Cruise’s book, a person following this diet can lose two pounds per week.

Diets that work fast are often referred to as fad diets. This means they may be extremely popular for a period of time, but they tend to have questionable results and side effects. Many are based on severe calorie restriction. Many health authorities and nutritional professionals warn against such diets. These individuals say that such diets are unhealthy and that the weight loss is rarely sustained.

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There is a diet that helps lose a pound every week. It might not sound like a lot to some people, but over a month, that's four pounds.

It's called the 5:2 diet. You eat whatever you usually eat for five days of the week. On the other two days, you limit yourself to 500 calories each day. That means one pound loss every week.

I'm going to be starting this diet this week. I hope it will work.


I don't like these three day diets and cabbage diets. They sound good, but they are bad for you in the long term. You might lose weight by eating cabbage soup for three days, but then you will binge eat and will never want to look at a cabbage again in your life.


The moon diet is a fast weight loss diet, but it doesn't cause fat loss. It's a detox diet that eliminates extra water and toxins.

This is a diet that's done once a month, when the moon is entering a new phase. I've done it a couple of times. I basically avoid all food for twenty-four hours until a new moon. I drink water, vegetable and fruit juices however.

I lose about four pounds in that twenty-four hour period. Like I said, this is temporary weight loss but it makes me feel great.

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    • Chocolate mousse can be eaten on the 3-Hour diet.
      By: pilipphoto
      Chocolate mousse can be eaten on the 3-Hour diet.