What are Running Spikes?

Harriette Halepis

Running spikes are essentially running sneakers that have small spikes screwed into the base. There are a few different types of running shoes with spikes ranging from sprint spikes to long distance spikes. There are also numerous spike shapes including tree spikes, needle spikes, and pyramid spikes.

Sprinting shoes typically have spikes that grip the ground for better traction.
Sprinting shoes typically have spikes that grip the ground for better traction.

Most people wear running spikes while running on a track or on an outdoor path. Due to the fact that running spikes can be very sharp, it is not recommended that these spikes be worn while running on a treadmill or indoor track. There are different types of spikes, and the type of spike that a runner uses is largely a matter of personal preference.

Needle spikes are very thin, and these spikes tend to dig into surface better than pyramid or tree spikes. Pyramid spikes are preferred by most runners, since they have a thick and balanced base. Tree spikes are generally preferred by sprinters who require additional traction, since they include an added amount of base grip.

Runners who enjoy sprinting should look for sprint spikes, since these shoes are extremely light. Those who run mid-length distances should consider middle distance running spikes, since these include some heel padding. Long distance running spikes have a lot more cushioning than either middle distance or sprint spikes. Long distance spikes also tend to have a flatter surface than spring or middle distance shoes.

For those people who consider themselves cross country runners, cross country running spikes are a wise choice. Cross country runners require more support than any other type of runner, which is why cross country spiked shoes are ideal. As with any other type of running spike, cross country shoes can be purchased online or through a specialty retailer.

Learning how to run with spiked shoes is a bit more complex than learning how to run with regular sneakers. Many runners find that training with spiked shoes is the best way to become acquainted with this shoe type. Running a race with spiked shoes for the first time is not recommended, since this could result in injury. While any kind of spiked shoe can be purchased online, it is wise to shop for this type of shoe in-store.

By visiting a specialty running store, athletes can try on different types of spikes. By trying different shoes, one can determine what type of shoe to purchase. Running shops can be found around the world, and all of these shops carry specialty running sneakers that have spikes.

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