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What are Patio Stones?

Anna T.
Anna T.

Patio stones are typically flat and may come in a variety of different shapes and colors depending on what a person wants to do with them. These stones are often used to create walkways, driveways, or to cover a patio, as the name implies. Patio stones usually interlock with each other and are considered very easy to replace when they become damaged. The use of these stones in landscaping might allow a person to get very creative because there are so many different options and designs that are possible. Another potential added bonus is that some people find them very easy to install without professional help, which could save lots of money on labor.

Many people opt for patio stones over other types of paving materials because they are usually easy to repair if something goes wrong. The only thing that is typically necessary to fix a cracked or stained patio stone is to pry it up and replace it with a new stone. Not only is this considered a quick fix, but it is also fairly inexpensive because the stones by themselves do not normally cost that much money. Even major problems, such as earthquake damage, do not usually ruin patio stone paving because the jumbled up pieces can usually be pieced back together. A driveway or walkway that was paved with concrete or some type of asphalt would likely split completely in two and the whole thing might need replacing, which could be very costly.

Moss growing between cobblestones on a patio.
Moss growing between cobblestones on a patio.

In spite of all the benefits of patio stones, there may be a few drawbacks. Depending on the intricacy of the design, these stones can be expensive if a large area needs covering. A person who is looking to save money might be better off to use them on a small area, such as for a walkway around a garden. Using patio stones to cover an entire driveway might end up costing lots of money. These stones may also not be very practical for a person who lives in a place that gets lots of snow. It can be very hard to get snow off the surface of patio stones because so much of it will likely get stuck down inside the cracks between each stone.

Patio stones have continued to be popular for thousands of years. Archeologists have uncovered evidence of patio stones being used for roads and walkways as far back as 3000 B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans may have been some of the first people to use them. Their popularity spread throughout the world, and they are now most often associated with the famous cobblestone streets that are so prevalent throughout much of Europe.

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    • Moss growing between cobblestones on a patio.
      By: Alex Petelin
      Moss growing between cobblestones on a patio.