What Are Overstuffed Chairs?

Andrew Kirmayer

Overstuffed chairs are pieces of living room furniture that have a large amount of padding when compared to more traditional seating. They are very bulky and heavy, and come in many chair varieties including recliners, armchairs, rocking chairs, and leather seating. The design of overstuffed chairs promotes the most comfort that living room chairs can offer.

Overstuffed chairs have more padding and are more comfortable than other chairs.
Overstuffed chairs have more padding and are more comfortable than other chairs.

The choices involved when selecting overstuffed chairs include the style, material, and the inclusion of options, such as wheels or legs that can be made of metal or plastic. Some models are available with arms, and others are armless designs. Plastic and cotton are common materials that are used for the comfortable coverings of the chairs, while high end ones may have a leather finish or a finish made of vinyl. Some even have a microfiber fabric that is less of a hassle to clean and which provides more comfort to the skin than other materials.

Budget is often the main factor when buying overstuffed chairs. Simple chairs can go for $100 US Dollars (USD), but ones made out of leather or other expensive materials can costs $1,000 USD or more. Prices can vary from store to store, so comparative shopping is often necessary to find a deal on overstuffed furniture. The cost in the end is a combination of what the store charges and what kinds of materials, styles, and accessories the customer adds to their purchase.

While these chairs are most often used indoors, overstuffed chairs can also be placed outdoors as part of a set of lounge furniture. Comfort can be maximized in patio areas as well as around pools or decks. These chairs should also be a bit heavier so they don’t get pushed around by gusty winds, and they should also be made from a waterproof material to protect the chair from rain. Many customers value the durability of these often more expensive furniture pieces.

Overstuffed chairs come in a wide variety of styles and can be selected based on whether they fit in with the existing home décor. The only downsides to them is the higher prices, the amount of space taken up, and the risk for spinal injury if the user continuously sits in an awkward position. Benefits such as comfort and warmth often outweigh these issues if proper care is taken and if cost and space availability are not significant factors.

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