What are Minority Government Grants?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
Man climbing a rope
Man climbing a rope

There are various types of minority government grants. Some are for emergency situations, while others may be for education or the starting of a new business. Many times, minorities are given specialized grants to provide them with opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

Some minority government grants are for higher education. Although many of these grants are offered to all citizens, minority or not, there are often special opportunities for specific minority groups. This is in part because many minorities are underrepresented in colleges and other institutions. The same process is generally required as with more traditional financial aid grants. A tuition assistance for much be filled out, and in order to gain a minority grant, one must include his or her race.

There may be additional minority government grants available for students who have lost their source of income and find they can no longer cover the cost of school. This is considered a financial emergency situation. These grants are based on the severity of financial need, and in some extreme cases additional support may also be included. This can include housing assistance, food assistance, and medical care for the student to use until the financial emergency is over.

Minority government grants can also be used to start a small business. The government often likes to encourage those who are within a minority group succeed in starting and running a business. Most times, a grant proposal must be written to gain government approval. Proposals generally include information about finances, the business's purpose, and information about the owner.

Other minority government grants may go for the founding of a non-profit organization. Special funding may be offered for foundations that may benefit the minority population as a whole, or benefit a specific minority group. Funds are acquired much in the same way as those used for a small business, including writing a grant proposal stating the mission of the non-profit.

Some individuals may be able to receive grant funds by petitioning the government with their proposals, and others must apply for a specific grant that is offered at certain increments. Most grants are offered yearly or twice yearly. All proposals must be turned in by deadlines in order for a business or non-profit to be eligible. In many cases, hiring a professional grant writer to write the grant proposal is a good idea, since these professionals are trained in this type of writing.

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    • Man climbing a rope
      Man climbing a rope