What are Hammock Stands?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne
Hammock stands may be used to support a suspended hammock.
Hammock stands may be used to support a suspended hammock.

There is something about the sight of a hammock that causes an instant craving for a little impromptu relaxation. The anticipation of rolling into a hammock rivals reaching for Belgian chocolate or a flute of your favorite champagne. You already know how good it's going to be and you can't wait to enjoy it. But what happens when you have the perfect hammock, without the perfect tree to suspend it? That's when you need the perfect hammock stand!

Hammock stands are simple but strong tubular structures designed to support a suspended hammock and the person napping, reading, or sunning in it. Basically shaped like a square-bottomed U with the upward strokes bent outward, a hammock stand has two "feet" that run perpendicular to the bottom to provide stability at either end. The hammock is suspended between the two top points to "hang in the U."

Hammock stands can be made of steel with a powder coat finish in nearly any color. Travel hammock stands are made of lightweight aluminum, disassemble easily and come with a tote bag. Other hammock stands are made of wood in keeping with a tropical theme. In all cases, hammock stands are sold by length and the weight they are designed to support. Some hammock stands support two people, while most support one.

Larger hammock stands are made for hammocks with spread bars. These hammocks are identifiable by the bar at each end of the hammock that serves as the termination point for the lines. A hammock with spread bars stays open and fairly flat at all times. A conventional "net" hammock does not have spread bars and is generally lighter weight.

While there is no downside to having the perfect tree for a hammock, hammock stands also have their advantages. Most importantly, they allow the hammock to be easily moved, allowing you to seek out the perfect shade or sun to lounge in at any time of the day. Come evening, you can pull the hammock out of the chilly breeze and over to the patio fireplace or between the garden's tiki torches.

Hammock stands start at about US$100 and can be found online and at home improvement centers. Most are made of durable, weatherproof materials that do not rust and will stay looking new for years to come. So kick back, put your feet up and hang out for a while. You work hard. You deserve it!

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    • Hammock stands may be used to support a suspended hammock.
      By: anyaberkut
      Hammock stands may be used to support a suspended hammock.