What are Common Technical Interview Questions?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Technical interview questions are based on the type of job one is applying for.
Technical interview questions are based on the type of job one is applying for.

A technical interview is a common type of interview for positions in programming, engineering, and other disciplines. This type of interview is different than a more conventional job interview because the questions being asked involve applying knowledge rather than just recounting experiences. Depending on the type of job, different technical interview questions may be asked, but the questions are usually at a level befitting the expertise demanded by the job, and they almost always relate directly to the job. In some cases, questions may be asked that are intended to demonstrate thinking skills rather than possession of a specific type of knowledge, but these questions often still take forms that are relevant to the job being sought.

Given that every job is different, there are no specific common technical interview questions. The type of technical interview questions one should expect depends on the job and the company. Doing a little research about the specific job before going to the interview can help one narrow down what types of technical interview questions to expect. Another good way to find technical interview questions is to search for information about interviewing with a specific company. Often, if the job is extremely desirable, there will be accounts of what the interview is like from people who have already gone through the interview process.

Terminology is often a large part of technical interviews, but if one is actually qualified for the job, then the terminology should not be much of a problem. Most interviewers are more interested in one's thought processes and problem-solving abilities than whether or not a person can remember an obscure bit of terminology. As such, when trying to prepare for common technical interview questions, it is better to exercise one's mind than try to memorize facts. Learning to think outside the box is more important than knowing everything about a subject.

On the other hand, certain interview questions cover knowledge and terminology explicitly. Common technical interview questions often include describing how to use or install items relevant to the job. The only way to prepare for these types of questions is to actually be sufficiently prepared to do the job for which one is applying.

Looking up general common technical interview questions is actually not a very good way to prepare for a technical interview. A better strategy is to think about what the job entails and what questions might be relevant. This strategy both prepares the applicant for the job and prepares him or her for the interview. Also, refreshing one's memory about the topics is often helpful when getting in the habit of thinking in an innovative fashion.

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    • Technical interview questions are based on the type of job one is applying for.
      By: Rido
      Technical interview questions are based on the type of job one is applying for.