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What Are Cheesecake Bites?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Tiny squares of cheesecake that are often intended as samples are called cheesecake bites. These cake tarts normally have the same type of filling as regular cheesecake. There may be other ingredients included in the filling, or there could simply be a flavorful topping. This mini cheesecake might have different crusts depending on what flavor this dessert is. They are an elegant treat that can be ideal for a number of occasions.

Cheesecake bites are normally made by making a regular sized dessert, and then cutting that cheesecake into 1 to 2 inch (about 3 to 5 cm) square pieces. When cutting cheesecake bites, it is very important to let the cake set up completely, as it is more likely to crumble otherwise. The bites may also be made in a special pan designed especially for this, which helps ensure a uniform sized treat that is not likely to fall apart while cutting.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Cream cheese and sugar are normally used to create the filling for cheesecake bites, and some recipes also call for sour cream and vanilla extract. An electric mixer is typically used to blend the ingredients until they are light and fluffy. The filling may sometimes have bits of chocolate or fruit to give the specialty cheesecakes a bold appearance. They often have elaborate garnishments, which further add to the eye appeal of this luscious dessert. Some popular toppings for these mini- cheesecakes include fruit sauce, crushed cookies, or baking chips.

The crust of most cheesecake bites is partly made from crushed graham crackers, but in some cases, there could be crushed cookies used instead. Chocolate or peanut butter cheesecakes sometimes have a chocolate cookie crust, but fruit ones usually have a graham cracker type. The crust can be made at home by taking crushed cookies or graham crackers, and mixing it up well with melted butter. It is also possible to buy ready-made crusts to use when making this confection.

Several different cheesecake varieties could be made into cheesecake bites, and then used to make a sampler pack. One of the sampler packs might then be placed into an attractive basket and then used to commemorate a special occasion such as Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a housewarming. These could also be served at dinner parties, or eaten as a snack. They are especially popular with people who have special dietary needs because these individuals can sample this delicious treat without feeling as though they have over-indulged.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys