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What Are Cheekbone Implants?

Susan Grindstaff
Susan Grindstaff

Cheekbone implants are implants added to the cheekbone to enlarge or change the shape of the underlying bone structure. These implants can be made from bone, body tissue, or fat. In addition, synthetic implants made of silicone or polyethylenes are also commonly used in this procedure.

When bone is used as a cheekbone implant, the bone can be taken from the patient or from a cadaver. Bone taken from the patient is often the best choice, but because this type of implant requires two surgeries, the patient will typically have a longer and more painful recovery. Common risk factors associated with using bone for implants include calcification, inflammation, and infection.

A woman preparing to get cheekbone implants.
A woman preparing to get cheekbone implants.

For some patients, using fat or body tissue taken from their own bodies may be a good choice for cheekbone implants. This type of procedure does not alter the bone itself, but rather the surrounding tissue. Molding the tissue around the bone can result in fuller or higher cheekbones that can bring about drastic changes in facial appearance. This method is considered less risky, but in some cases the results may not be long lasting. Body tissue, especially fat, can be reabsorbed into the system, thereby changing shape over time.

Probably one of the most common and less expensive types of cheekbone implants are synthetic molds made from silicone or polyethylene. These implants can be easily molded into the exact shape and size necessary to change the shape of the cheekbone. The risks associated with using synthetic implants are infection and excessive swelling.

Cheekbone implants can be used to correct a variety of facial problems including sagging skin and downward turning eyelids, and may help add fullness to faces that are too narrow or flat. As with any type of cosmetic surgery, the necessity is based solely on the needs of the individual. If they do not like their appearance, cheekbone implants may be a solution. In some cases, cheekbone implants are used to correct a physical deformity or to help rebuild facial structure following accident or injury.

Before performing surgery for cheekbone implants, the plastic surgeon typically makes a determination on what type of implant would work best for an individual. Some patients may be good candidates for certain types, but not for others, therefore choosing a method of implantation will not be completely the decision of the patient. Only a trained cosmetic surgeon can measure expected results against a specific type of implant and professionally weigh all of the risks associated with each procedure.

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    • A woman preparing to get cheekbone implants.
      By: michaeljung
      A woman preparing to get cheekbone implants.