What Are Broiled Chicken Wings?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud
Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.
Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.

Broiled chicken wings are similar to other variations of this popular cuisine but differ in the manner in which they are cooked. Most chicken wings are fried in some capacity; however, broiled chicken wings rely on the art of broiling to cook them through. Some people prefer fried wings due to their oily flavor, while others may enjoy broiled chicken wings as a healthier alternative. Due to the subjective nature of the culinary arts, there is certainly room for debate.

The chicken wing consists of different cuts of the chicken either breaded or left natural. The cook generally tops off chicken wings with special sauce or seasonings. The real art of flavor variation exists primarily in the seasoning and sauce possibilities; however, cooking methods may also make a difference.

Cook prepare broiled chicken wings in the oven utilizing a strong heat source known as a broiler. An alternative, the deep-frying method, uses boiling or very hot oil to soak the wings while simultaneously cooking them. Oil can be densely packed in calories and fat, so this kind of preparation is generally less healthy. Although broiling minimizes oil, it also lacks the fatty flavor that deep-frying can provide. While some wing lovers claim to notice no difference, others take sides and swear by broiled chicken wings or fried chicken wings exclusively.

The chicken wing sauce usually contains butter mixed with different types of hot sauces. This ratio can cause changes in how hot a sauce is. Sometimes, cooks incorporate flavors such as garlic, Parmesan, or barbeque into broiled chicken wings or into their fat cousin, fried wings. A great sauce can often compensate for a poorly cooked wing.

There are many conflicting versions of how the chicken wing came to be a popular staple of the American diet. Most revolve around an accidental or impromptu creation, claimed to have begun in Buffalo, New York. This is why chicken wings are sometimes referred to as buffalo wings. Regardless of where this classic arose from or how they are cooked, few connoisseurs of delicious food won't include chicken wings among their favorites. The calorie count in wings can certainly add up quickly, so before indulging in these scrumptious treats it is important to understand the nutritional differences between broiled chicken wings and their less healthy, but sometimes more enjoyable, fried counterparts.

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    • Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.
      Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.