How Do I Choose the Best Marinade for Chicken Wings?

Erik J.J. Goserud

Creating the best marinade for chicken wings is a delicate process, only perfected by those dedicated to the culinary arts. A marinade can make or break a dish, and the best tip for maximizing flavor is to adopt a trial-and-error method. No homemade marinade is composed on the first try, and giving yourself room for improvement and improvisation are two characteristics of every great marinade generator.

Chicken wings are often bathed in flavorful, spicy marinades and sauces.
Chicken wings are often bathed in flavorful, spicy marinades and sauces.

Choosing the best marinade for chicken wings is like picking out a car; no two people prefer all of the same qualities. For this reason, it is wise to choose a marinade that either fits your taste preferences or is pleasing to the party for which you are cooking. Once you have established specific qualities for your dish, you may begin the process of choosing the most adequate variety. Such specifics might include how hot the wings are or if additional flavors like ranch and garlic should be included, for example.

Although there are an endless amount of possible types of marinade for chicken wings, most are likely to include a few staple ingredients. Butter, hot sauce in different concentrations, and basic seasonings like salt and pepper make this list of usual suspects. Some marinades for chicken wings may significantly vary from this standard form and aim to fulfill a particular style of ethnic cuisine. Teriyaki chicken wings are an example.

Different types of marinades also require shorter or longer periods of time to sit. If you are in a hurry, for instance, then it may be wise to choose a variety of marinade for chicken wings that tends to sit for a short amount of time. The marinade is specific to the preparer, recipients, and situation, and you must consider all this before you choose a marinade for chicken wings.

Browsing a number of different recipe websites, blogs, and books is a good way to start finding the ideal concoction. After you find two or three that sound appetizing, try making them — this may help you narrow down options or perhaps identify what it is you like in each recipe. Apply this knowledge through improvisation over a trial-and-error period to come up with your own unique marinade for chicken wings. Also, remain open to changes down the road as there may be a better way around the corner to prepare this classic dish. Following these steps will help make your marinaded chicken wings a real hoot at your next dinner party.

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