What are Bill Organizers?

Michael Pollick

Even in an age of online banking and automatic billing, society has not yet become totally paperless. Bills and other financial statements still arrive through the mail, creating a need for organization. This niche is filled by bill organizers. Bill organizers are paper holders which usually contain 31 separate slots for received mail. Each slot may represent a specific due date or date of receipt. As bills are paid, the slots are systematically emptied until the next round of statements arrives.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Bill organizers come in many forms, from purely functional to highly stylized. They can also be constructed from scratch by amateur wood or metalworkers. The basic style of typical bill organizers is a self-standing rack with individual slots to hold pieces of mail vertically. Each slot may have a number corresponding to the due date of the bill. More elaborate bill organizers may be constructed from exotic woods or stylized metal components. They may also feature additional compartments for postage supplies, office tools and calculators.

Bill organizers can prevent important documents from becoming lost in a pile of junk mailings. Their use is not always limited to bills -- regular mail can also be stored for easier access. Bill organizers on office desks can help prevent a cluttered appearance. Inter-office memos can also be stored in bill organizers to keep track of important dates.

Many Quicken-style financial software programs now offer virtual bill organizers as part of their services. As paper bills arrive, the user can enter the pertinent information into the program and the bills will be organized by due date. Even if the transaction cannot be performed electronically, at least the software program can prompt a reminder for payment.

Bill organizers have become popular corporate gifts in recent years. High-end models can be found in specialty catalogs or in larger office supply stores. Standard bill organizers constructed from sturdy plastic, wood or metal can often be found in the office supply section of department stores.

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