Should I Change the Furniture Around Once in a While?

Sheri Cyprus

If you change the furniture around in your home once in a while you may find your home environment more pleasant. On the practical level, it's a great way to clean corners and other areas you may not have done in years because you had furniture there. But if you change the furniture around, you're also using your creativity to create a new look for your home without spending any money. That can give you a great feeling as well as a great looking home.

Simply angling a sofa can make a room more stylish.
Simply angling a sofa can make a room more stylish.

The first thing to consider before you change the furniture around is how you can make your home more efficient for your needs. That could mean taking a seldom-used chest of drawers from a spare bedroom and moving it to the hall to hold clutter, or it could mean switching bedroom and living room storage units if doing so will improve the look and function of a room. For example, a smaller TV on a stand can be placed into a freestanding wardrobe unit to give the look of an armoire when the door is closed. The unit will also help muffle television noise.

Adding, subtracting or moving area rugs can help redefine a space.
Adding, subtracting or moving area rugs can help redefine a space.

If the back of a wardrobe or bookcase will show when you change the furniture around, you can paint it to match the rest of the piece. Another idea is to glue a mirror or mirror tiles on the back. You may find that changing storage units from one room to another may give you the chance to display an object that you've had hidden away in a closet because you had nowhere to put it before. The main thing to remember is to use your imagination and have fun using things you already have to reinvent and improve your space.

Even something simple as placing your sofa and area rug on an angle can make your room look more stylish. Once you do that, you can think about what other pieces of furniture from other rooms may compliment the new look. For instance, a low bookcase behind a sofa can serve as a sofa table while offering a great place to display your favorite pieces. Even an interesting plate from the kitchen or dining room put on a plate holder stand may work well as an accent piece after you change the furniture around.

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One of my reasons to change the furniture is to make it easier for visitors to socialize or watch something on television. When I bought the original furniture for my living room, I wasn't thinking about entertaining or having overnight visitors. I just put out a couch and lounge chairs and a love seat wherever they would fit. If I wanted to watch TV, I'd drag one of the lounge chairs over to a good spot.

I now have my furniture positioned so everyone can see everyone else. The couch is positioned right in front of the TV screen, and the other chairs are angled for better viewing.


I like to change the furniture arrangement in my house from time to time, but the problem is I end up banging into it for a few weeks. I get so used to where the couch and chairs are in my living room that I can usually walk through it in the dark. Once I switch it around, however, I'll walk right into the back of the couch or stub my toe on a chair leg.

It does help to get me out of a rut, though. I feel like I have a brand new living room even if it's the same furniture.

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