Is Cheap Car Shipping Wise?

Ken Black

Cheap car shipping may raise some concerns, but the question of whether it is wise often depends on the situation. The fact is, no matter what rate may be charged, vehicle shipping should only be done after the client has done some research into the company providing the service. Checking out issues like insurance and licensing can be very important. While this is easily done in many countries, sometimes it is harder to accomplish when dealing with overseas companies or international destinations.

Those looking for a low-cost transportation deal should investigate a commercial cargo carrier such as a shipping firm.
Those looking for a low-cost transportation deal should investigate a commercial cargo carrier such as a shipping firm.

As with any type of service, getting the best price for a quality service is something that all consumers want. Cheap car shipping may offer that opportunity. After all, the goal is to get the vehicle from one point to another. There will be some fixed costs, such as the equipment and fuel required to do that, but there will also be some variable costs. The costs may include the amount of overhead a company keeps, and how efficient they are. Therefore, it may be possible to find cheap car shipping that still offers a quality service.

The first thing that any potential client should do is check out the shipping company with the Department of Transportation. In the United States, all companies offering transportation services across state lines must have a license to do so with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Many other countries will have a similar licensing procedure. Even those offering cheap car shipping should be willing to give you this license number. In many cases, it will be printed directly on the side of a truck.

The next issue to consider is liability insurance. Even companies with cheap car shipping rates should be properly insured for liability. This means that if your vehicle does happen to get damaged during the transit process, the car owner will not be the one paying for repairs or a replacement. The insurance information should be verified with the carrier. This is one more way the vehicle owner can gain some piece of mind and a feeling that he or she is protected. The company should be able to demonstrate that it has the financial backing to get the car to a destination, and pay for any damages that might occur.

For those who need to ship a car overseas, the process may be harder to verify. Dealing with a company based domestically is the best way to ensure satisfaction. While foreign companies may offer cheap car shipping rates, their information is harder to verify. Often, problems are also harder, if not impossible, to resolve. As with any unfamiliar service, it is good to check with the local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed. Further, any company that fails to provide a license or insurance information should be avoided. As with any service, recommendations from other customers can also be very helpful.

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It's a hassle shipping the auto sometimes, but when you got a 57 Chevy Nova fully restored, you don't want to just take that bad boy on the road and get it dirty. It needs to be viewed at these car shows in its fullness and glory. --James

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