How do I get the Best Car Shipping Quote?

Stephanie Partridge
Stephanie Partridge
Car shipping may be a viable option for getting a vehicle across the ocean.
Car shipping may be a viable option for getting a vehicle across the ocean.

When you move, whether it is across the country or across the ocean, it may not be feasible to drive your car. In such cases, car shipping may be a viable option for getting your car to you. Getting a good car shipping quote may require some work, however. Vehicle shipping companies often have intricate contracts and unless you are aware of the ins and outs of the terms of these contracts, you could end up paying more than you should.

There are car shipping quote companies that will allow you to submit a request to them, and they return several car shipping companies that should suit your needs. You need to review the contract closely, however, when you decide to ship. Car and truck owners should look closely at ship dates, costs, deposits, insurance, and how the vehicle must be prepared for shipping. Each item should be considered carefully before you commit and sign the contract.

Try reaching out to several car shipping companies so that you can compare contracts and quotes, ensuring the best deal possible. It may help to set up a table to compare each car shipping quote that you get. Make columns for total price, deposit, wait time for pick up, delivery, and actual shipping terms.

Some companies will allow you to ship a car with up to 100 lbs. (45 kg) of personal items in the trunk. You can put clothing, small appliances, or other items in the trunk to carry in the car. Most companies do require that you have a minimal amount of fuel in the gas tank. Generally, it is suggested that you have just enough fuel in the tank to get the car on and off the truck.

The shipping date is usually scheduled within a time frame as opposed to a specific date. The nature of car shipping does not usually allow for specific delivery dates because the shipping company car transport drivers have to coordinate multiple deliveries on certain routes. This allows them to ensure the most cost effective method of getting the vehicles to where they need to go.

Another consideration when seeking a car shipping quote should be the pick up date and cancellation clause. Most companies charge a cancellation fee if you back out of the agreement. You should request a clause written into the contract that the cancellation fee will be waived in the event that the transport company does not pick up your vehicle within an agreed number of days after the scheduled date of pick up.

Overseas car shipping is much the same as domestic shipping. When you ship a vehicle overseas, you need to take into account all of the same issues. Although the scale is larger, and you are shipping the car a greater distance, the basic terms are still the same. You should find out if there are any requirements or restrictions for bringing a vehicle into another country. The car transport company may handle some of these issues, but you should make sure you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities.

You can find the best car shipping quote by doing good, thorough research and comparing several contracts. There is no quote that is best for everyone. You have to find the terms that best suit your needs, your time line, and your budget.

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    • Car shipping may be a viable option for getting a vehicle across the ocean.
      By: Gary Blakeley
      Car shipping may be a viable option for getting a vehicle across the ocean.