How do I Write a Teacher Cover Letter?

K. Testa
K. Testa
A teacher working.
A teacher working.

A teacher cover letter is a significant part of applying for a teaching job. Since your potential for success as a teacher often depends heavily on good communication skills, you need to be able to communicate effectively in your correspondence with the hiring committee. Most cover letter guidelines contain the same basic information, yet your letter will be tailored specifically for a teaching position, so it is important to understand the job description and requirements. The cover letter format may vary depending on the grade level or exact position for which you are applying. An elementary school teacher cover letter, for example, will differ from high school or special education teacher cover letters.

As with any other type of professional correspondence, be sure to use proper formatting in your teacher cover letter, paying close attention to spelling and grammar. The top of most cover letters includes relevant details such as your contact information and the date. It is usually important to include the title and correctly spelled name of the person who will be reviewing your application as well.

In the opening paragraph of your teacher cover letter, you should specify the job for which you are applying, indicating how you heard about the opening and directing the reader to your attached resume. You also could include a sentence describing your excitement about being considered for the teaching position. This might also be a good place to include a brief summary of your unique qualifications and reasons that you should be hired.

Many teachers find it challenging to incorporate numbers into their resumes or cover letters. The next paragraph can elaborate on your previous statements, using some concrete facts and numbers, if possible. You could refer to your resume and list one or two specific skills, along with some illustrative examples of putting those abilities to practical use.

If you include a third paragraph, it can be used to list another example of a unique skill or strength. Some people like to highlight a particular challenge that they have faced, and subsequently overcome, in their professional or personal lives. You could also use another example or anecdote to highlight some other personality traits, such as patience or persistence, and how those traits would be assets to the teaching position for which you are applying.

The closing statements of your teacher cover letter should restate your enthusiasm for the job and suggest that you are available to discuss the position further. Next, include your signature along with your name clearly printed. Finally, read through the teacher cover letter, and perhaps ask someone else to review it for you, to ensure that the letter contains no errors and that your writing is clear.

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    • A teacher working.
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      A teacher working.