What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Cover Letter Service?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A cover letter service only requires the sender to sign the letter.
A cover letter service only requires the sender to sign the letter.

Pros of using a cover letter service for your job applications include saving time as well as having professional writing done for you. A strong con of a ghostwritten cover letter may be that it is generically professional rather than showing your unique passion and interest. Another con is that you will have to pay a fee for the letter whereas you won't if you write it yourself. Yet, using a professional cover letter service can help you avoid common mistakes that would otherwise get your own written piece tossed out by employers, who are then unlikely to consider you for the job.

A qualified professional cover letter writing service understands what employers are looking for in this important piece of business communication. Many job seekers lack the knowledge of what exactly to include in a cover letter and may make big mistakes in writing one on their own. Using a cover letter service can help job seekers avoid mistakes and focus on their search for work rather than having to deal with writing details. Not only that, avoiding not only content mistakes but those in spelling, grammar and sentence structure can be a major pro to job applicants.

Some people argue that job seekers should have the skills necessary to write an effective cover letter. There are many business how-to publications available at libraries as well as free community skills training centers that teach basic cover letter writing tips. Rather than losing much needed money when looking for work by having to pay a cover letter service, you may be better off learning this business skill yourself. A con of using a service is that an employer may expect you to have the same writing skills demonstrated in your cover letter; if it shows later that you do not, this may result in problems for you on the job.

Showing enthusiasm or passionate interest when applying for a job with a resume and cover letter can set applicants apart from the rest. This may be missing in a cover letter ghostwritten by a professional service. Just stating an "extreme interest" or a "true passion" for a certain type of job or field in a cover letter isn't usually as effective to employers as mentioning something industry-related that only the applicant would know. This is not to say that complex jargon should be used in a cover letter, but rather "buzz words" that a professional service may not know how to use as effectively as the candidate.

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    • A cover letter service only requires the sender to sign the letter.
      A cover letter service only requires the sender to sign the letter.