How do I Treat Scabies Bites?

Anna T.

You may be able to effectively treat scabies bites with doctor-prescribed creams and lotions. These medications are applied topically and often include ingredients such as permethrin, lindane, or crotamilton, which typically kill scabies mites on contact. Some people also claim that tea tree oil used on scabies bites is an effective home treatment. Antihistamines could also help with the intense itching of the bites. In most cases, the itching persists for a week or longer after the scabies mites have died off.

Antihistamines can help treat itching and inflammation caused by scabies bites.
Antihistamines can help treat itching and inflammation caused by scabies bites.

Permethrin usually comes in cream form and should normally be applied at least two times over the course of a few weeks to kill all scabies mites. Many doctors prescribe this cream for children, babies, and pregnant or nursing women. Lindane is similar to permethrin, but also comes in shampoo form to use for scabies bites on the scalp and is not considered safe for babies or pregnant women. Crotamiton for scabies bites is often prescribed by doctors for babies because it is not a chemical. In most cases, it must be used once a day for at least five days to get rid of scabies.

People who are concerned about the safety of chemicals in some doctor-prescribed medications may benefit from using tea tree oil as a home remedy for treating scabies bites. This oil is generally considered to be very effective in treating most skin conditions, and it has antiseptic properties that can kill scabies mites as well as clean and soothe bitten, irritated skin. To use tea tree oil as treatment for scabies bites, you can add several drops to a bath full of warm water and soak in it for up to 20 minutes at a time. It may be necessary to do this two or three times a day for a week or longer. You should keep in mind that some people have allergic reactions to tea tree oil, and so you may want to use only a small amount the first time you try it so you will know how your skin is going to react to it.

The intense, irritating itching is often considered to be the worst side effect of scabies bites. While you are treating scabies, your doctor will probably recommend antihistamines to help with the inflammation of the skin and to ease the itching. Cool water soaks and calamine lotion might also help to ease discomfort related to itching. It is also important to keep in mind that scabies tends to spread easily to other people who live in close quarters with you, and you might be able to prevent the spread by washing and drying all your clothes and bedding in very hot temperatures.

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