How Do I Treat Abdominoplasty Scars?

A. Pasbjerg
A. Pasbjerg
Massages may help reduce the appearance of abdominoplasty scars.
Massages may help reduce the appearance of abdominoplasty scars.

After an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, there is almost always some level of scarring, but there are several methods that can be used to minimize the scars and make their end appearance better. It is important that you keep your incision clean and covered, and wear the compression garments recommended by your doctor after the operation. You can use surgical tape or silicone strips on the incision. Massage may also help reduce the appearance of abdominoplasty scars. Other tips you can try include avoiding sun exposure on your scars, using creams or lotions on them, and avoiding activities that stretch the incision while it is healing.

Taking proper care of your incision while it heals is important for minimizing abdominoplasty scars. It needs to be kept clean and covered to avoid infection and allow it to heal properly. Your doctor will also likely have you wear a special compression garment, which reduces swelling and stimulates proper healing. Incisions that heal well are likely to have less scarring than those that do not.

Another step you can take to reduce abdominoplasty scars is to use surgical tape or silicone strips. Surgical tape can draw the edges of the incision together, making a narrower, less noticeable scar. Many people also report having good results when using silicone strips or sheets once their incision heals.

Massage may also help decrease the formation of abdominoplasty scars. It can increase circulation in the area to speed healing and stimulate collagen production. Make sure you speak with your doctor before you start doing any massage near your abdominoplasty, however, to ensure you have healed enough and it is safe.

There is a variety of other treatments for abdominoplasty scars you can also try. It is important to avoid exposure of your incision to the sun, as sunlight can make a scar more noticeable, so either keep the area covered with clothing or use sunscreen. You may wish to try special creams or lotions designed to minimize scars, though their effectiveness is often debated; at the very least, they will help keep the scar moisturized, which is known to help reduce scar formation. Do not pick at any parts of the incision that may be covered in scabs, as this can worsen scarring. You should also avoid activities that pull or strain at the scar as much as possible.

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@donasmrs-- My friend got a tummy tuck recently and she told me that she's using the silicone sheets to get rid of them. Apparently they work very fast and are very comfortable as well. I think they also prevent irritation from clothes.

For stubborn scars, laser treatments could be used, but you have to wait at least a year after surgery to use those treatments. Have you asked your doctor for recommendations? Your doctor should be able to recommend specific remedies and treatments for your tummy tuck scars.


@donasmrs-- There are many different products out there. I think many scar creams work fairly well. You might want to read some customer reviews to see if the product worked for them. For the most part any scar cream can be used for abdominoplasty scars, although you can find products made specifically for surgery scarring.

I personally used a scar cream with natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. I can't say that the scars faded overnight. It actually took a very long time for them to fade but I'm sure that they would still be there if I had not used anything.


What is the best topical product for abdominoplasty scars?

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    • Massages may help reduce the appearance of abdominoplasty scars.
      By: schankz
      Massages may help reduce the appearance of abdominoplasty scars.