How do I Train for a Credit Union Job?

D. Nelson

A credit union is a financial institution formed by individuals who combine their savings and assets to loan one another money and perform a number of other financial functions. In many ways, a credit union is like a bank, though while banks are often owned by stockholders, credit unions are actually owned by members of the credit union. In order to train for a credit union job, it is necessary to consider the kind of position you would like since available jobs may range from customer service representative posts to branch managers and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). It can also can helpful to have an education that complements the position for which you are applying.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

It takes a number of different kinds of professionals in order to make a credit union run. For this reason, there is seldom one credit union job that it like another. If your interests are in finance and accounting, then you may want to consider a position as risk management professional or financial specialist. Individuals who have excellent communication skills may want to consider positions as customer service representatives or even branch managers. For people who have a knack working with computers and telecommunications devices, a good credit union job may be as an Information Technology (IT) professional.

In most cases, there is no particular degree or certification necessary in order to work a credit union job, though in many instances prospective employers may prefer job candidates who have education related to the work. For example, if you are interested in one of the financial positions, such as risk manager, you may benefit from a degree or extensive training in subjects such as mathematics, finance, or accounting. Individuals who are interested in customer service or management positions, such as customer service representative and branch manager, can also benefit from backgrounds in subjects related to banking, though they may also benefit from classes in communication.

Another great way to train for a credit union job is to simply get experience. As a matter of fact, many employers prefer that job candidates have years of experience in the same field or a field similar to the job for which they are applying. High profile positions, such as CFO and vice president of a credit union often require a great number of years of experience in management and finance. In starting positions, the only training necessary, aside from the relevant job training provided by the company, may be a relevant education and several years of work in a similar position.

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