How do I Strengthen a Federal Resume?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards
A resume.
A resume.

When trying to get a federal job, many applicants need to create a federal resume. Although very similar to any other resume, a federal resume must typically be much more detailed, and it will often be much longer. By providing detailed descriptions and a quality, error-free resume, job hunters can strengthen their federal resumes.

Before writing your federal resume, you may want to get organized. Begin by writing down a list of names, addresses, contact numbers, and dates, so you have all relevant information at hand while you are writing your resume. Many people find it helpful to write down a quick draft before sitting own at the computer keyboard.

As with any other type of resume, a federal resume should be easy to read. Most experts recommend putting each section of the resume, excluding your personal information, under a heading. These headings can be a bold font, which will often make it easy to read. Using bullets to divide each section will also make the resume easier to read and give it a polished look.

A federal resume must include all of your personal information. This includes the usual items, like name, address, and phone numbers. Additionally, federal resumes should usually include your citizenship information, including a social security number. If you were in the military, most resume-writing experts recommend that you include this information, especially if you left with an honorable discharge.

On a federal resume, you must also include information pertaining to the job or position for which you are applying. The job title and job announcement number should be included first. A short description, in your own words, should be included, along with any other identifying information.

Experience, employment information, education, and other qualifications should then be listed. Most experts agree these facts should be listed chronologically, with newest item first. Each section should also have its own heading.

Employment history should be completely listed, with accurate contact information. Job duties should be listed and explained in detail. Any job-related accomplishments and awards should also be listed and described.

Listing your education information on a federal resume is considered very important. Like other sections of the resume, schools and degrees should be listed chronologically. The name and contact information of the schools you have attended should be listed, as well as any degrees or certifications that you received and the years that you received them. Some resume writers recommend that the credits that were earned at each school should also be listed.

The final copy of your federal resume should be printed on a decent paper and with a decent printer. Most resume paper is very good quality, and it can usually be purchased in white, cream, or gray. Before sending the resume, proofreading it is imperative. Even the smallest spelling or grammar mistake can prevent you from getting a federal job, regardless of your sterling qualifications.

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    • A resume.
      By: NAN
      A resume.